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Google’s Blog Search Passes Technorati in a Photo Finish

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

Some are saying “Google Eats Technorati For Lunch“. It seems like it’s the talk of the internet this evening, but I can not really say “eating Technorati for lunch” is exactly the term to be used here.

Just as when MySpace passed up Yahoo, it wasn’t by much. Eating for lunch in my mind is stomping another site in overall stats. If you look at the stats that HitWise’s LeeAnn Prescott has compiled for the article that is the talk of the evening, I do not think it’s exactly a stomp, see ya and so long Technorati.

Technically Speaking, if I wasn’t so busy this evening with other items I may have used the attention grabbing headline also. I do confess that much. What I can’t confess is that it’s “lights out for Technorati”. Folks, .0025% and .0023% is very very close. It’s more like the title should be – “Google’s Blog Search Passes Technorati in a Photo Finish” – and that’s what I’m running it as here on this blog.


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Google’s 2006 Zeitgeist

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

You are probably saying to yourself “9googleblog.gifHuh? WTF?“. Maybe you already viewed it like many of my readers and enjoyed the pure statistics of the data that Google was able to compile this year. If you read the above Google Blog explanation (linked above), I think you will understand it a bit more.
I personally enjoy viewing data like this. One of the things I miss big time about not working in the IT consulting area, is databases. That and the cool reports and statistics that all that data could produce. Data is really cool thing, and you have to enjoy it to put together such a huge Zeitgeist for 2006 as Google can only do.

Technically Speaking, I would like to see other sites put together something like this for a year end blog or year end statistic compilation.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

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Ziki is a social network. One thing that I see that I like so far is the ability to advertise your product on it. Target advertise. They have allot going for it. I received an e-mail 9logo_ziki.gifwithin the past hour from Andre over there. He wrote up a pretty good outline of the service for me. Everything he said I have found to be true so far. Below is the write up he sent over to me.

I do have one thing to add – within a matter of seconds after signing up, I found a pretty decent band on there – The Redding Brothers – they are on Ziki, as well as other companies.

Now here is a bit more about the social network called Ziki as told by Andre:
Just out of beta, Ziki gives you the ability to control your own image on the web and promote your skills, content and business. It allows you to gather all your personal information and digital content (blogs, podcasts, photos, videos…) in one place, market your skills and content to others, be easily found on search engines, and connect with like-minded people, all on one web site.

Ziki is fast, easy and free – and beneficial to both people and companies who want to promote themselves and their content (photographers, designers, bloggers, filmmakers, freelancers, small businesses…)

One of the cool things is right on their start page. They show you how when you type in your name in say Google, it will put up as the top link.

Here is what Andre said about how they are making sure that everyone that joins up and creates their Ziki space will be pushed:

Then Ziki sponsors your name on Google, Yahoo and MSN for free. So when someone is looking for you on the Internet (a childhood friend, a colleague from a previous job, a head hunter, a partner, a customer, etc.) a link to your Ziki is displayed on the top spot of the query results pages on all three search engines. And down the road, Ziki is working on an application where you’ll have the ability to manage this sponsored link/advertising campaign yourself, so you can craft your own advertising message and target it at web sites of your choice.

The last part, I am very interesting in seeing. The ads part of things. I am hoping they can get it right. I think this will be very important to the business people out there joining Ziki. Also, as I was formatting this, Andre dropped me another e-mail letting me know how to turn on the feature (the sponsor feature as it is called).
The only bad thing I can say is that the “pink” color theme is unique but a bit blinding at times. Technically Speaking, when you are running for 20 hours or there abouts daily like I have been, your eyes tend to gravitate to more mellow colors. I guess that is why they went with the bright colors – get it – “be visible!!”. 🙂 Other then that, I think this social network does have potential.

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2007 Predictions by Rex Dixon

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

This sure was a nice compliment to receive from an established site. All I can say is that even though my content is not always the first, I occasionally have the nice scoop on everyone else. I hope to have more of them in 2007, but as the post stated – here is what I foresee in 2007. Yes, it’s that time of year and only a few days left in 2006. 

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  1. There will be a new video content delivery system that will debut in 2007 that will blow away what is currently out there. This will not “kill” YouTube or any of the other video services, but it will be more like a CDN that is on steroids. This CDN will be the killer and talked about place in early 2007, and will be given many awards come this time next year. 
  2. Social Networks will consolidate, but still experience huge growth. Sites such as the one I posted about this morning will become the norm. People will be attracted to social networks in 2007 even more. The difference will be that social networks will become more specialized such as Shuzak (for programmers, mathematics, etc…) and places like MySpace will be the central network point. People will start to realize that they will need centralized points such as Spokeo, as they will want to join only networks with distinct focus. 
  3. AOL and Yahoo will merge by end of 1st quarter 2007; maybe even sooner. 
  4. Super Bowl Sunday (February 4th, 2007) will be 50/50 Beer ads and Web 2.0 ads and new startup ads. Anyone happen to have $2.5 million to loan Rex Dixon? I’d love to do a 15-30 second ad (whatever $2.5 million will by this year for SB Sunday ads!) 
  5. RSS and Widgets will have a nice marriage in 2007. We are already seeing allot of that, but I think the two will marry up nicely and be more abundant in 2007. 
  6. WebOS – I can’t forget my favorite 2007 item! WebOS – maybe not GoogleOS, but I think WebOS will make great strides in 2007. 
  7. Television as we know it will really start to come to the end of its rope in 2007. We already are seeing it, but 2007 will accelerate TV shifting its focus to the internet ten times faster then it did this past year. 
  8. John Edwards. You don’t think other candidates will follow the leader? If they don’t, they will be forgotten before the fires in Iowa even start. 
  9. Amanda Congdon was not a fluke. There will be more internet personality’s hitting the mainstream with nice old world contracts in 2007. Maybe Rex Dixon? Hey, I have to dream!  🙂
  10. The catch all – there will be one or two items that we NEVER saw coming. You can count that if none of the above 9 predictions for 2007 come true; I at least covered “my you know what” with this last one! 
  11. Search and Aggregators – such as Megite, Techmeme, Tailrank, and search as in Collarity, Snap, Wikiasari, and even Google search will become bigger forces in 2007.

Now for some things I personally intend to do in 2007: 

  1. Connected more – as in starting yesterday, whenever I can, I will be available via Meebo for chat. If I post myself as “busy” or “msg me” – I’m serious. I will respond when I can. That’s what the status thing is for! 
  2. More focused on getting new items when at all possible. If I can’t get it new, I will still try to put a better spin on it. 
  3. I truly am hoping 2007 will be the end of the day gig for Rex Dixon. That remains to be seen, but as I stated above (sort of) “Is it time to invest in Rex Dixon while I’m still cheap?” 

Take care and thanks again to Mashable for naming my blog as worth reading going into 2007. I intend to stay on top of it, and once again —- 

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New Orleans 5am

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

Looks like Robert Scoble is living like Rex Dixon; at least the 5am thing today! I hope he was in bed before 1:30am though. He has a nice complete report right from where it’s all going down as far as the John Edwards campaign goes.

Technically Speaking, I’d love to be right there with him. Taking the blog on the road or in Scobleizer’s case the video show on the road has to be an experience you will never forget. You know, I don’t own a video camera but wouldn’t mind getting some face time live and worldwide. )

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Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

How many social networks are you in? ProfileLinker is looking to solve that issue for you. read more …technically_speaking1.jpg

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Google to invest in Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology Ltd.,

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

You are saying “What?!?”? I know. I’m not even going to try a verbal on that company’s name. Let’s just say the “YouTube” like network technology mentioned in the above title was just picked up by Google. Why say that?

Because basically it’s China’s answer to video delivery systems. Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube earlier this year, and I’m sure with China’s huge audience potential, there will be some money exchanged. Currently, Xunlei include IDG Venture Capital and Morningside Asia Advisory Ltd. The Chinese Web site also has partnership agreements with companies such as Motorola Inc., Sina Corp. and Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd., according to its Web site.

According to Deutsche Securities Ltd., which is based out of Hong Kong, China had 123 million internet and they are 2nd only to the United States. They are due to pass the USA within the next 2 years according to projections.

Technically Speaking, if that doesn’t make you want to invest in China soon, nothing will. Well I take that all back for a second, maybe earthquakes and no internet? Yeah, I’ll wait til all that is fixed up pronto! )

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Well maybe I’ll pass on that Ferrari

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

Just had a nice conversation with Marshall, and he tells me that those nice (you can read his remarks) Ferrari laptops are NOT for keeps. Basically it was always for review purposes, and review or give away after you are done purposes only!

Here I was sitting reading the last article, wondering “Hmm.. maybe in 2007, I can rate to get one … ” … And now I’m thinking “Hmm.. maybe in 2007 I’ll get one, and donate it to the newly founded Rex Dixon Charity.” .. Just Kidding! Seriously though, my thoughts now ponder – Microsoft wants a honest review of Vista. Microsoft sends out Ferrari laptops to bloggers to review. Microsoft asks you do the review, play with the laptop and then send it back.

Technically Speaking, if the laptop is like $2k or there abouts, why can’t Microsoft actually say “they are yours to keep after the review for PAYMENT of doing the review!”

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Just Beat It!

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

Well it’s getting a bit late, as in I get up at 5am, but I saw this post and know that AllOfMp3 dot com is going to be in it for awhile. Should be interesting to watch them tell America’s most dangerous record company attorney’s to just go “beat it“. AllOfMp3 does have a legitimate point, and I thought it was a rather waste of the lawyers time to even file a suit in New York.

Technically Speaking, what do I know? I’m just a music lover who wishes that some really good bands would be on the labels and get the attention they deserve. Good musicians. You know the type, the ones playing around the corner from you tonight. The ones that out rock the supposed flavor of the month emo and new metal band. Yes, the really good ones that will never make it out of that corner bar because, well some lawyer wanted to sell the flavor of the month.

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Robert Scoble on the campaign trail

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

It appears that Robert Scoble is on the John Edwards for President campaign trail. The news is full of the announcement, and it appears that John Edwards is about to harness the power of the internet, media, marketing and a campaign that is deserving of 21st century proportions. Some sites are questioning ethics, but at least Scobleizer has come clean.

I applaud him for understanding where the future is, and we now will have to wait and see how he harnesses the bloggers that are out there. John if you are reading or having your staff read the blogosphere this evening – I do this thing called 5 questions with Rex Dixon here on this blog. Mostly tech people, but for you I’ll make an exception. NewTeeVee describes it as the “YouTube Candidacy“. Rex Dixon says it’s “The Smart Candidacy“.

Technically Speaking, if John Edwards or any candidate from any party would like to do the 5 question thing with Rex Dixon, just ask me. How do you do that? Well, go listen to one of my podcasts, the e-mail contact is at the end of any of them. Or, you can always hit me up on the chat. My resolution for 2007 is to be on the chat thing more, or at least when I’m online!

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