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Hi – I’m Rex Dixon and I am the writer of this blog.Rex Dixon - Professional BlogCaster

Technically Speaking is a place where you can find many interesting things that are on many other blogs. You get the Rex Dixon spin sometimes on the articles, other time’s you will just get a quick hit link to them.

I’m a former IT consultant that was basically put out in the cold back in 2002 and figured since they won’t let me back into the “club”, I may as well write about it as well as podcast about it. I find this more amusing actually, and less stressful then working for the companies that paid well when times were good, and were just as quick to say “See ya!” when the economic times started to get rough.

I am a person of many talents and look forward to being around this internet for quite some time. I may as make the most of it. I also may as well have fun at it too!

Enjoy the blog, and the podcasts — and definately if you have an opinion – share it with me (e-mail) and others (comment). I am an open minded person, and love to hear other sides of the story if you have one; or differing opinions and thoughts. I am always looking forward to hearing from you, the reader and listener.

Rex Dixon Professional BlogCaster

4 Responses to “About Rex Dixon”

  1. Jeb said

    I just got done listening to your most recent podcast and wanted to thank you for mentioning my company. I was delighted to hear the company name broadcast around the world on the internet.

    Thanks Again,
    Jeb Brilliant
    Brilliant Expos

  2. Hi Rex –

    My website, an international multi-media website for college students is launching Nov 12th. I would like to send you some information about my site along with an invitation to our NYC launch party.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.



  3. Lisa Dilg said

    Hi Rex,

    Thanks for the write up on Phonezoo. We launched today and it is no longer by invite only. Please feel free to check it out!



  4. Thanks Rex for your comment. I appreciate. if you are interested here is our mission statement
    With a constructive, progressive and optimistic perspective, ibrido is a mindful media company that informs, educates, and elevates society through entertaining and aesthetically striking content. ibrido will maintain content excellence while adapting rapidly to new distribution models , embracing what is new and necessary in our ever changing world.
    thanks for watching ibrido

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