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Just Beat It!

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

Well it’s getting a bit late, as in I get up at 5am, but I saw this post and know that AllOfMp3 dot com is going to be in it for awhile. Should be interesting to watch them tell America’s most dangerous record company attorney’s to just go “beat it“. AllOfMp3 does have a legitimate point, and I thought it was a rather waste of the lawyers time to even file a suit in New York.

Technically Speaking, what do I know? I’m just a music lover who wishes that some really good bands would be on the labels and get the attention they deserve. Good musicians. You know the type, the ones playing around the corner from you tonight. The ones that out rock the supposed flavor of the month emo and new metal band. Yes, the really good ones that will never make it out of that corner bar because, well some lawyer wanted to sell the flavor of the month.

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Democracy is alive in FRANCE

Posted by rexdixon on December 24, 2006

Privacy or Piracy. That is the question. The answer is Privacy. That is what great people have shed blood for in the United States of America. I sit here on Christmas Eve, 2006 and wonder why the USA, the RIAA, and the MPAA just don’t get it.

Sure there is money being lost over piracy. Sure there is some legit complaint on copyright infringement. I just can’t buy into all of that though. Why? Because I’m an American. I served in the military, and have a honorable discharge. I have done my part for democracy, the democracy that men and women all over the world tonight are wondering if they will ever see a Christmas Eve 2007.

The RIAA, MPAA have a TON of money. They probably both threw a nice Holiday bash worth more then allot of their artists make. Does it take a rocket scientist to realize WHO is WRONG here?

Sorry to say this, but the country that I call home sometimes makes me wonder. Why is it that we have to look to European nations to lead the way in the basic parts of OUR constitution? That is the right to privacy. I hate to say it, but France is right, and America is wrong. America is treading on the wrong people. The consumers.

Christmas Eve 2006, I can bet there are tons of people – let’s be honest – tons of AMERICANS still going to AllOfMp3 dot com right now. There are tons of people also still buying the CD at a store. All these people just want to live their lives, enjoy music and videos, and basically be left alone to choose. Freedom. No invasion of our privacy. That is all we ask, and the RIAA and MPAA think it’s stealing.

The Grinch. Yes, that is what they are, both of them collectively together have embarrassed this blogger. It now takes Europe and other countries to lead the way. Wait a minue.. I know now — when I was serving my time and doing my 4 years to my honorable discharge the way it is suppose to be done – you all (the lawyers of the RIAA and MPAA) were out toying around in the Air National Guard and not showing up and getting that so called honorable discharge that can’t be found on record.

Technically Speaking, Merry Christmas Eve to all!

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AllOfMp3 dot com sued for $1.65 Trillion!

Posted by rexdixon on December 23, 2006

That sure beats the $1.65 Billion that Google bought YouTube for. AllOfMp3 is being sued for $150,000 per song for the 11 million that were downloaded from June to October of 2006. That comes out to $1.65 TRILLION! What do I think?

This is nothing more then smoke and mirrors. Yes, just an elaborate cat and mouse game the RIAA is so good at playing. Do they really think they are going to get $1.65 Trillion or even $1.65? Come on now, readers think about this.

The RIAA is suing a company that is based in Russia. The same Russia that was the main country of the former Soviet Union. Do you really think the RIAA has any jurisdiction there? No. They are powerless, so they what did they do? They did what they always do best. Sue. That’s all they really are, just a bunch of lawyers that have no clue about music. They just want to protect your rights, or the rights of the musician. That is their line and has been for years. What is it really? A LIE.

Why? Because the record labels that are suing – EMI, Sony, BMG, Universal Music – all want to make more money for themselves. It’s obvious to me. How much of that $150,00 is going to trickle down to the artist? I can bet, it will be like oh let’s just say $0.

I don’t feel sorry for the record companies, they have raped musicians for years. The musicians are doing no worse then they did before AllOfMp3 dot com. By the way, has the RIAA read the Russian law books? Have they read how they treat online distribution of music? Basically, it’s legal what they are doing.

The RIAA is not good for music or the musicians that bust their butts to record and write it. They are in it for themselves, and the record company interests only. They aren’t there to give 1 cent to the artist that deserves like $149,999.99 of that $150,000. The artist and musician won’t see one penny of it. Instead, the RIAA might give that 1 cent to the musician.

The smart reader will go to AllOfMp3 dot com and download all they can. The RIAA isn’t about to turn over any money they will collect to the rightful owners of that money – and that to course is – the artist and musician. Interesting side note – I just saw Twisted Sister on some late show – they did a Christmas song – Come All Ye Faithful. Quite interesting. 🙂

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Free Music MP3 Downloads

Posted by rexdixon on December 1, 2006

sideloadSideload, that title line is straight from their title bar. I just like to listen to tunes and not worry about how the artist gets paid. I do however WANT the artist to get paid, but if there is a music web site setup – “Shouldn’t the web site be responsible for paying ASCAP or BMI so the artist gets paid?”

Technically Speaking, I am not up for a music vs music piracy debate today, so don’t bother – if you don’t want to check out Sideload, then don’t. I just can see that everyone is checking out the site articles I have posted recently.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 1, 2006

Unfortunately, I did miss this yesterday. is fighting back, fighting hard to stay alive. John Kheit, an IP attorney for Chadbourne & Parke in New York, is representing AllofMP3, and he had one basic point to make in the wake of the trade agreement: AllofMP3 is legal, and it’s not going anywhere.

Technically Speaking, this should be fun to watch!

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Posted by rexdixon on November 29, 2006

BUT.. there is always a “but” when it comes to the original genie. What am I saying? Well I was looking into this more indepth this evening. It’s quite apparent that even though you can put the genie in the bottle for a few seconds, once it was let out all those years ago by Napster, it’s out. Face the music, might go away,allofmp3 but…

You can’t stop the music. Ever. Get it through your head polititians, world leaders, RIAA, record companies, etc… The genie was let loose. With that being said, I hope you all have tried these other great music sites.

Let’s start with allTunes – looks like where will be heading. I like their motto – “Make your life louder!” – Rex Dixon couldn’t have come up with a better slogan!

Then there is – 25 free downloads to join/start!

Here is one that is about to launch soon – IndieZone – so as I said — you can take the genie out, but you can’t put the genie back in for very long.

I want to state that I am in NO way endorsing ripping off the artists from making the money that they so rightly deserve! — the record companies of the world already take care of that! Being a musician myself, I would love the artists to all get paid for their hard work and creations. It is the music industry (ie- the record companies) that need to be honest and straight up, and PAY the artists what they are due for their work and creations.

Technically Speaking, as the article where I originally found this item said – and I quote – “The government will be expected to begin complying by June 1, 2007.” — that is what I love about government sometimes. By the time June 2007 rolls around, you can burn off a whole bunch of music. When it comes time for the site to “legally” pull the plug – you do what we all did – open up another bottle and let out another genie!

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All Of mp3 to shut down

Posted by rexdixon on November 28, 2006

allofmp3All Of Mp3 to be shutdown by Russia. This is of course via digg. Now that the sheep has unclothed himself to reveal the wolf, do we believe it? Do we run with the story? Technically Speaking, it’s probably true, but don’t forget about the boy that cried wolf!

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