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Fakeout move to boost your stats

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

It appears that has been caught doing some statistic manipulation trickery. It’s basic smoke and mirrors trick using a pop up ad. Nice. So they really didn’t have 7.6 million visitors but only 2 million. That is still allot of visits to the site. Either way, the trickery that is done isn’t benficial at all to the site in the end.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

OpenServing – everything is FREE and it’s brought to you by Wikia. Sounds like a great concept. One thing I have learned again over the past few months is that it doesn’t matter what you serve, if it’s FREE it will make you money. Statistics, something I hammered in my podcasts was always on the forefront of discussion. The more I tried to avoid it, the more apparent it became that is the main focus of the internet today. Stats. You generate big numbers, you will succeed. That is according to the new Web 2.0 world we all live in.

Charging for services. Done. Setting up plans. Done. You come up with something, and it draws numbers – it’s the old rock band concept – you draw you play, you don’t draw you die. It all relates to the musicians I have played with and seen personally. Great musicians never go any place unless they draw, and crap ones rise to the top as long they draw.

Technically Speaking, Web 2.0 is rock n roll at it’s finest deception.

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Record Labels and the Music Business

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

Here it is in a nutshell. The record companies have shafted artists for years. Now as the online world starts to make the independent artist more viable, they are running scared. Let me spell it out for you, for some of the non-reading in between the line readers, the recording industry has made money on artists. The artists have gone broke.

Best example I have is the band called – Extreme. Remember them? Late 80’s, early 90’s band. Had that hit – “More Then Words“. Big time crossover #1 hit. Well when they signed their contract, they yes, screwed themselves. In defense of the band, when you have been out there for years busting your a$$ to make it – and some major label comes calling, your forget allot of what you learned on the road on your own time. Now of the 2.5 million albums they sold, the didn’t make a dime. It’s a fact. Research it if you must. They were (personally) playing music and having a great time and on top of the world. They were in fact (personally) though – broke. The record company was making all the money.

Yes, the were able to make money on the touring, and merchandising, but basically that was the last hurrah for the record industry. The last rape so to speak. Artists have now gotten wiser. Smarter. Bands have one or two “Rex Dixon‘s” in them now. That have learned from the mistakes made already.

Technically Speaking, if you are a musician in a band, you need to go it on your own. You really need to be independent. It does work as long as you have your band’s version of “Rex Dixon” handling your business.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

StupidVideos, is launching SV eCards tomorrow. Now you can send that funny video to your friend and stupidvideos.PNGthey can then send it their friend, and so on and so forth. Next thing you know, the videos is forwareded on to a zillion friends around the world. How stupid is that? 🙂

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Do NOT archive your e-mail!

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

The above title is according to Microsoft longtime Windows development chief James Allchin. He even told Ballmer in 2004 in an e-mail that he wanted to by a Mac. In fact he told the above to his people once Microsoft was under the gun. Don’t archive, or keep your e-mail beyond 30 days. Google you might want to learn from the sins of your fathers, Technically Speaking that is.

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Shutting down the mp3 online

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

It seems that judges are now siding with the RIAA. Distributing mp3’s online without the record company making money is now officially a copyright infringement. What it boils down to folks is that if the “man” doesn’t get paid you aren’t doing jack.

Look at YouTube, how long did they infringe copyrights? How did they settle that? The “man” was paid. What about BitTorrent? Technically Speaking, it’s about the money – if the man gets paid you operate.

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Google and Yahoo both bow to IE7

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

Yes, some call it copying. Others just call it smart.

I think that Google wanted to run an ad, and ran with something simple. Something that Yahoo already tried and it worked. Why reinvent the wheel? I mean as a blogger, I write things on my own from time to time – when I have the time. Other times, I see something interesting like this and run with it.

Imitation is the biggest compliment to the original work. It shows that Google thought, why try to create something better when this works? It also shows that when you are just bowing down to the king, why not pay the tax and just be done with it?

If that was incoherent or you didn’t understand what I just said, please re-read it. Read with an outside the box mind. Read in between the lines. I don’t write for a 3rd grade class, and when I was in 3rd grade I was in one of those classes for gifted kids. I’m sorry if  sometimes I blog over your head, but what I am conveying to the blog reading audience is there. Just think for a minute and not consume.

Technically Speaking, I can’t hold your hand when you are reading my posts.

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Archives on TechMeme

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

Archives have opened up on TechMeme. I figured all sites that were blog or social media like sites had archives. I guess TechMeme now has made them public? That is allot of data to scroll through. Should be fun, and actually serve as a nice library on tech and other things.

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Marshall Kirkpatrick goes to Splashcast

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

TechCrunch broke the story, and Marshall confirms it in his blog. I just want to say congratulations on landing that great new gig.

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NY Times gives in to social news

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

As of Monday the NY Times will be letting users post directly to Digg, Facebook and Newsvine. They will have the link embedded to their content. Who’s Next?

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