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Plugin AllPeers

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

AllPeers sounds like a great plugin to install here in Firefox (my browswer of choice). I just happen to also leave a comment here about the plugin. I wonder, will my browser7allpeerslogo.jpg start to act sluggish due to me installing it? If so, it won’t be popular here. In fact it will be ditched rather fast. I do think that it could be the app killer or the plugin must have if you are into p2p and chatting.


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Nice Interview to read

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

My interviews are short and sweet. Now if I had time to sit down with Vint Cerf the father of the internet (sorry, Al Gore, he really IS the father!), I think it would have to expand somewhat. For now, Technically Speaking does the “5 questions and a cloud of data bytes” and on to the next article.

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Linking is the core of the Internet

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

What a dork. The judge who “rules” that deep linking is illegal. I mean seriously, how does this judge think the internet was built? If we can’t link, then you are killing off the current internet as we know it today. I don’t believe that government has ANY PLACE making rulings about what goes on within the internet.

Such rulings are a TOTAL waste of our tax dollars.  Why do judges get involved in something they know very little about? It’s obviously all about the money folks. That has to be the ticket here. For a judge to “rule” that it’s illegal to do deep linking is quite foolish. It has no bearing on the society that judges are suppose to be ruling over. What it does is basically make the internet more of a society. It makes a mockery out of goverment in general.

Technically Speaking, this society called the internet does not want government to be involved in what goes on here. As the article states, if you do NOT want your data linked to another site, then stay the F off the internet! Post your thoughts elsewhere.

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exoPlatform another webOS

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

exoPlatform is another webOS. I blogged just yesterday about wanting to install a webOS on my old laptop that is independent of having a OS. A true webOS and not just7exo.jpg a webtop. It will becoming soon, but this one looks nice for a webtop that is currently being described in 2006 as webOS.

webOS will become a true OS in 2007. For now give the company exoPlatform a look. I like the way the bottom works just like MacOS.

I believe the player (startup) that takes over in all of the webOS dollars will be the one that reads this blog. Just kidding! You don’t have to read the Technically Speaking blog, but what I mean is, the one that rules in 2007 will be the one that makes webOS a true OS.

This means

– a nice small footprint bootable OS such as a custom Linux

– then booting right into the webOS that is already there

Simple right? Well it’s probably a bit more complex, but not really. The technology is all there, and the first company that can provide this, I will load it up on my old laptop to check it out. I believe the first company that does this, will really grab most of the undecided “whether to go Mac or PC” market that is currently out there. That in itself is a gigantic market of people. Another market that will be tapped is the old PC and old Laptop market. That market alone should be big enough to entice some of these companies to get a move on for 2007.

Technically Speaking, it’s a wide open market out there. webOS is starting to come into it’s own, and could be OWNing their piece of the OS market in 2007; or at the very least be in a better position next year at this same time.

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Techmeme all algorithm or is there human involvement

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

That is a question that I also asked Gabe the other day. He says it is all algorithm that he wrote and tweaks. This Scobleizer blog post does question it. I love the update part too. Makes you really wonder though. Yes, Gabe also told me that he is on vacation this week. So maybe his algorithm is some sort of borg going wild? hahaha! 🙂

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Dell in trouble

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

I had it on a good source a few days back that Dell was in big big trouble. I did not run with the story, as I wanted more details. Apparently my source was really good. I do apologize to him for not running it right away (about 2 days ago is when I heard about this). My issue with this, is that the same guy that Dell just hired basically helped to kill off all the old guard TWA employees here in STL. I guess once a loser CEO, always a loser, and this time a CFO. Nice.

I feel your pain Dell, but that is how it is in corporate America folks. If you are a CEO and F-things up, guess what? There is always a company out there stupid enough to rehire your dumb a$$ and give you a bonus to boot. That is what is WRONG with corporate America. These people should NEVER be employed again. Guess what? This is the land of opportunity, and screw up CEO’s and executives get rehired over and over again to do what? Yes, that’s right people – screw over the common worker once again.

Technically Speaking, this is why India, China, and the European nations are passing America by. It’s because big corporations never learn – leave the loser CEO and executive to go flip burgers or something. It is not because the worker does poor work, or asks for too much salary. It is because the companies that have outsourced hire expensive CEO’s and executives that have a track record of F-ing things up. They are worthless pieces of you know what that can’t figure out their way out of a wet paper sack even with directions. Do not let the corporations lie to you the worker. It is not because they have paid you the worker too much money.

This does not bode well for Dell.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006 is a new all girl social network. That means allot of the tech people are going to 7flip.PNGhave to rely on the girl blogger and female story breaker on this one. Apparently 200,000 have been invited. I hope to hear more on this as to what is on the inside of this social network real soon.

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RSS owned by Microsoft

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

I’ll post it again, since it seems like I did a bit of snafu on the AOL post. Haha – I’m glad that at least a couple of readers were paying attention. So once again, let’s roll out the internal link and show that I did talk about this hours before it showed up above.

I know allot of people think that it’s spamming or whatever, but there are those that believe that this blog has no relevance. I do report on and sort of I guess “break” stories every now and again. All I can say is – keep reading this blog. You never know when Rex Dixon has the scoop on everyone else. I know allot of the readers have a very very short memory. Almost like a goldfish or something. Be advised the above link to the internal was done like less then 1 month ago!

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Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

TheChipLab is where you can design your own casino grade custom chip. Now too 7chiplablogo.jpgbad this site didn’t time their review for say a month or more ago. These would make great Christmas gifts, or to be Technically and Politically correct – Holiday Gifts!

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Venice Project

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

Venice Project, is7veniceproject_logo.jpg the new p2p video site that everyone went ga-ga over yesterday. I’m not really too excited about it. It looks cool and all, but I have a pretty good idea that there is something even more exciting around the corner.

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