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Robert Scoble on the campaign trail

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

It appears that Robert Scoble is on the John Edwards for President campaign trail. The news is full of the announcement, and it appears that John Edwards is about to harness the power of the internet, media, marketing and a campaign that is deserving of 21st century proportions. Some sites are questioning ethics, but at least Scobleizer has come clean.

I applaud him for understanding where the future is, and we now will have to wait and see how he harnesses the bloggers that are out there. John if you are reading or having your staff read the blogosphere this evening – I do this thing called 5 questions with Rex Dixon here on this blog. Mostly tech people, but for you I’ll make an exception. NewTeeVee describes it as the “YouTube Candidacy“. Rex Dixon says it’s “The Smart Candidacy“.

Technically Speaking, if John Edwards or any candidate from any party would like to do the 5 question thing with Rex Dixon, just ask me. How do you do that? Well, go listen to one of my podcasts, the e-mail contact is at the end of any of them. Or, you can always hit me up on the chat. My resolution for 2007 is to be on the chat thing more, or at least when I’m online!

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