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2007 Predictions by Rex Dixon

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

This sure was a nice compliment to receive from an established site. All I can say is that even though my content is not always the first, I occasionally have the nice scoop on everyone else. I hope to have more of them in 2007, but as the post stated – here is what I foresee in 2007. Yes, it’s that time of year and only a few days left in 2006. 

Before I start the list, I do want to say the blog is moving January 1st, 2007 to its new home – http://rexduffdixon.comTechnically Speakingplease update your bookmarks today

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  1. There will be a new video content delivery system that will debut in 2007 that will blow away what is currently out there. This will not “kill” YouTube or any of the other video services, but it will be more like a CDN that is on steroids. This CDN will be the killer and talked about place in early 2007, and will be given many awards come this time next year. 
  2. Social Networks will consolidate, but still experience huge growth. Sites such as the one I posted about this morning will become the norm. People will be attracted to social networks in 2007 even more. The difference will be that social networks will become more specialized such as Shuzak (for programmers, mathematics, etc…) and places like MySpace will be the central network point. People will start to realize that they will need centralized points such as Spokeo, as they will want to join only networks with distinct focus. 
  3. AOL and Yahoo will merge by end of 1st quarter 2007; maybe even sooner. 
  4. Super Bowl Sunday (February 4th, 2007) will be 50/50 Beer ads and Web 2.0 ads and new startup ads. Anyone happen to have $2.5 million to loan Rex Dixon? I’d love to do a 15-30 second ad (whatever $2.5 million will by this year for SB Sunday ads!) 
  5. RSS and Widgets will have a nice marriage in 2007. We are already seeing allot of that, but I think the two will marry up nicely and be more abundant in 2007. 
  6. WebOS – I can’t forget my favorite 2007 item! WebOS – maybe not GoogleOS, but I think WebOS will make great strides in 2007. 
  7. Television as we know it will really start to come to the end of its rope in 2007. We already are seeing it, but 2007 will accelerate TV shifting its focus to the internet ten times faster then it did this past year. 
  8. John Edwards. You don’t think other candidates will follow the leader? If they don’t, they will be forgotten before the fires in Iowa even start. 
  9. Amanda Congdon was not a fluke. There will be more internet personality’s hitting the mainstream with nice old world contracts in 2007. Maybe Rex Dixon? Hey, I have to dream!  🙂
  10. The catch all – there will be one or two items that we NEVER saw coming. You can count that if none of the above 9 predictions for 2007 come true; I at least covered “my you know what” with this last one! 
  11. Search and Aggregators – such as Megite, Techmeme, Tailrank, and search as in Collarity, Snap, Wikiasari, and even Google search will become bigger forces in 2007.

Now for some things I personally intend to do in 2007: 

  1. Connected more – as in starting yesterday, whenever I can, I will be available via Meebo for chat. If I post myself as “busy” or “msg me” – I’m serious. I will respond when I can. That’s what the status thing is for! 
  2. More focused on getting new items when at all possible. If I can’t get it new, I will still try to put a better spin on it. 
  3. I truly am hoping 2007 will be the end of the day gig for Rex Dixon. That remains to be seen, but as I stated above (sort of) “Is it time to invest in Rex Dixon while I’m still cheap?” 

Take care and thanks again to Mashable for naming my blog as worth reading going into 2007. I intend to stay on top of it, and once again —- 

The blog is moving January 1st, 2007 to its new home – http://rexduffdixon.comTechnically SpeakingPlease update your bookmarks today

Also, if you are a feed reader – Please update your feed link to the new feed URL 


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