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Posted by rexdixon on December 29, 2006

60,000 page views over that darn computer of Marshall’s. That is quite impressive for one post about a Ferrari that became the talk of the internet the past few days. I think the controversy helped Microsoft in the Vista launch. Why do I say this?

Well coming from a rock n’ roll background such as mine, I know that controversy sells. Look for Microsoft’s PR agency to make this whole event come out looking like gold by the time Vista rolls out to the masses.

I predict Vista will be flying off the shelves. Of course as I have stated many times over, Rex Dixon does not have a computer or laptop that can run the new Microsoft OS. It will probably be as I have already said before, around 3rd quarter or later in 2007 before I will have gear good enough to run Vista.

Technically Speaking, unless someone such as Microsoft donates a laptop to Rex Dixon like they did for the bloggers to use, review, and return, or give away, or keep – Rex Dixon is using XP and also Linux for the time being. 🙂

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Well maybe I’ll pass on that Ferrari

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

Just had a nice conversation with Marshall, and he tells me that those nice (you can read his remarks) Ferrari laptops are NOT for keeps. Basically it was always for review purposes, and review or give away after you are done purposes only!

Here I was sitting reading the last article, wondering “Hmm.. maybe in 2007, I can rate to get one … ” … And now I’m thinking “Hmm.. maybe in 2007 I’ll get one, and donate it to the newly founded Rex Dixon Charity.” .. Just Kidding! Seriously though, my thoughts now ponder – Microsoft wants a honest review of Vista. Microsoft sends out Ferrari laptops to bloggers to review. Microsoft asks you do the review, play with the laptop and then send it back.

Technically Speaking, if the laptop is like $2k or there abouts, why can’t Microsoft actually say “they are yours to keep after the review for PAYMENT of doing the review!”

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Call it a bribe or call it a gift

Posted by rexdixon on December 27, 2006

If Microsoft wants to hand over a Ferrari to Rex Dixon, I have no problem with that. You see, there are times in your life that you look back or will look back and say “Damn, I should have taken this road or that road and I’d be at this place or that place in my life now.” Trust me, Rex Dixon has traveled many a road in his lifetime, and hindsight is always 20/20 perfectly clear.

Remember that one car commercial like 2 years ago I think? It’s debut was during the Super Bowl. This guy was walking down the street and his cell rings. He answers and it’s himself calling himself from the future. His future self was telling his past self to ditch the girl and buy the car. Remember that one?

So yes, if Microsoft wants to hand over a late Christmas present to Rex Dixon, I could use one of those laptops. Seriously. I don’t jest.

Technically Speaking, I’ll take one in 2007. But seriously, I really could use one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m getting tired of being chained to the desktop these days. I could really do this blogging thing from the bed or the couch.

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More on Laptops

Posted by rexdixon on November 27, 2006

If you saw my posts recently, like this morning recent, you know that I would like a 2nd laptop to get away from the chains of a desktop. Here are some videos now that show why a laptop is better, or more like why you need one!

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Trojan aims for Macs

Posted by rexdixon on November 24, 2006

Even though they (virus writers, hackers, etc.. ) are making an attempt to break the Macs ever so superior “we don’t get virus’ claim, it appears that some are making a run for it. Well I still would like to have the laptop that Leah received! Yes, I will use an advertised laden with your companies logo on it laptop! Technically Speaking, a FREE Mac with ads burned in the top of the lid sounds like a good laptop for Rex Dixon to have!

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No Internet Laptops?

Posted by rexdixon on November 24, 2006

$399 for these so called anti-MySpace, no internet connecting laptops. Will they sell? I think they might, but – will the kids use them? I think they might. Why? Because there is a whole generation of kids out there that are already better then every startup that has a 19 year old CEO in charge.

I’ve said it for years, the next generation is always one step ahead of you. For the 19 year old CEO you probably think that is laughable as you are on top of the world right now. My friend Patrick use to be the same way. He was 19 when I met him, a Linux wiz kid before Linux was so the “OS to fall in love with“. He could program C code, do networking, rip apart hardware and make cool things out of it. He basically had it all in one box.

He was able to land a great job, and was making over $50k a year before he was 21 working for the man and a couple of dot-bombs. He was the bomb as far as knowledge went. He doesn’t have a CS degree, a MBA, or any of that paperwork stuff you pay for. He doesn’t need it, he is very very smart and like I said above at 19 when I met him, he had it all.

I digress, but the point is – I had a few e-mail conversations with him recently. Patrick is now like 28 years old. He is a network admin at a financial company in NYC. I had approached him about some coding on a project, or asked him if he knew how to hack something. He honestly said, “Dude, it’s been years since I did that, and I’m so out of touch with it at this point.”

Technically Speaking, these laptops will sell, but I’m sure the minute they get into the next “19 year old” CEO’s hands – it will be hacked, have internet, and the instructions on how to do so will be posted online.

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