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Videojug: Smart Video Site

Posted by rexdixon on December 30, 2006

If you are going to put out a new video site, you really need to have something unique. Yes, you will survive, 9videojug.gifbut with YouTube being the dominant site, you won’t be noticed. There are a number of video sites that have come alive this year. I saw this a couple of days back, and I definitely think that VideoJug is a nice niche site.

This site has “how to” videos on there. It answers questions in video form on such topics as:

How to tie a full windsor knot?

How to perform the perfect Golf Swing? <— this should interest my bud in Addison, TX

I think that this site will become more popular in 2007. You can never have enough help when you are trying something new, or even if you would like an opinion on how to do something correctly.

UPDATE January 1, 2007http://rexduffdixon.comTechnically Speaking

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Posted by rexdixon on December 29, 2006

60,000 page views over that darn computer of Marshall’s. That is quite impressive for one post about a Ferrari that became the talk of the internet the past few days. I think the controversy helped Microsoft in the Vista launch. Why do I say this?

Well coming from a rock n’ roll background such as mine, I know that controversy sells. Look for Microsoft’s PR agency to make this whole event come out looking like gold by the time Vista rolls out to the masses.

I predict Vista will be flying off the shelves. Of course as I have stated many times over, Rex Dixon does not have a computer or laptop that can run the new Microsoft OS. It will probably be as I have already said before, around 3rd quarter or later in 2007 before I will have gear good enough to run Vista.

Technically Speaking, unless someone such as Microsoft donates a laptop to Rex Dixon like they did for the bloggers to use, review, and return, or give away, or keep – Rex Dixon is using XP and also Linux for the time being. 🙂

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks – moving – January 1, 2007 – – Technically Speaking’s new home.

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FCC finally approves the merger

Posted by rexdixon on December 29, 2006

ATT and BellSouth merger, the $86 million billion megamerger is now on. It was approved by the FCC this afternoon. I still say this is totally defeating the original monopoly break up that was done in the 1970’s, but hey – 2007 is rolling ever so close, and we may as well finish up this deal this year. Technically Speaking that is.

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YouTube To Throw Kicking Online New Year’s Party

Posted by rexdixon on December 29, 2006

Forget about the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark, er, Ryan Seacrest. The new generation will be on YouTube. YouTube wants everyone to get in on the New Year’s Eve celebration or

New YouTube Way

of bringing in the new year 2007.  Could this be the start of something new and big? I am hearing all sorts of new 2007 things lately; along with my own predictions, I think this is finally ushering in the 21st Century. Yes, it just so happens to be 7 years late, but still the same, with John Edwards harnessing the internet for the election in 2008 and now this latest tidbit. YouTube rings in the new year 2007 online.  

Technically Speaking, I probably will be conversing with real people, drinking real alcoholic beverages, and playing cards (real game; not the video game type). The only time I will be near a computer is to post the cut over message (blog post) that will officially signal the beginning of the new domain. That will be shortly after midnight, central time of course. 🙂

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks – moving – January 1, 2007 – – Technically Speaking’s new home.

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Robert Scoble on the campaign trail

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

It appears that Robert Scoble is on the John Edwards for President campaign trail. The news is full of the announcement, and it appears that John Edwards is about to harness the power of the internet, media, marketing and a campaign that is deserving of 21st century proportions. Some sites are questioning ethics, but at least Scobleizer has come clean.

I applaud him for understanding where the future is, and we now will have to wait and see how he harnesses the bloggers that are out there. John if you are reading or having your staff read the blogosphere this evening – I do this thing called 5 questions with Rex Dixon here on this blog. Mostly tech people, but for you I’ll make an exception. NewTeeVee describes it as the “YouTube Candidacy“. Rex Dixon says it’s “The Smart Candidacy“.

Technically Speaking, if John Edwards or any candidate from any party would like to do the 5 question thing with Rex Dixon, just ask me. How do you do that? Well, go listen to one of my podcasts, the e-mail contact is at the end of any of them. Or, you can always hit me up on the chat. My resolution for 2007 is to be on the chat thing more, or at least when I’m online!

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Congress Doesn’t GET it!

Posted by rexdixon on December 26, 2006

Why do they not get it? Because they are a bunch of out of touch polititians. They don’t have the pulse on society like say, Rex Dixon does. Polititians are mostly so out of touch with society in general, that “We The People” have no say in our American government.

They don’t realize that the internet is paving the way for – Business – in the 21st century. They would rather keep the people (that would be you the reader and myself) 19th and 20th Century enslavement. Why? Because they continue to make money for themselves by enslaving the people.

Congress is a big joke. No matter if it’s Democrat or Republican. Technically Speaking, they all need to be ousted. All 400 plus congress members and all 100 Senators. They have no place in 21st Century society. As far as I’m concerned, all 500 plus members need to pack their bags, and be replaced by a generation of progress and forward thinkers. They don’t realize that blogs, mashups, social networks, mp3 distribution sites, etc.. They are the 21st Century’s answer to 19 and 20th Century enslavement. Slavery is not legal, and Congress is behind keeping most of America back in the 20th Century.  Here is to hoping that in 2007, things will keep progressing foward – with or without a “congressional blessing”.

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*Exclusive Look* at Megite Video

Posted by rexdixon on December 26, 2006

I just had a quick IM with Megite‘s Matthew Chen who I did an interview with a bit ago. He previewed to me the insides of the new Megite Video (screenshot below) that is pending release only for timing purposes. It looks really good, the page loads fast, and it’s just like Megite as far as concept goes, only with videos.

The nice thing is that soon, could be another reason they are holding off on the video release, is that there will be a “River of Videos” just like the River Of News that Megite has already. Now for those of you that haven’t viewed the River Of News yet – Wow – is all I can say. If you ever have a “lack of things to read“, visit the river of news.

Now here is a quick comment on how dominate YouTube is currently. I asked Matthew,”Hey are you exclusively only using YouTube vids?” and he replied that the market was still very “YouTube” dominate. He told me to click “Next” to see the other video providers (he said over 20 at the current time), and it was Page #3 before I saw Google Video and one from MetaCafe.

Yup, YouTube is king still. Obviously, duh, but it’s interesting to see something where you can compare how dominate by popularity. Here is a screenshot of the Megite Video:


Technically Speaking, anything video will get a good look in 2007.

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Google passes Yahoo

Posted by rexdixon on December 23, 2006

Yahoo is just having a heck of the end of they year! First they are passed up by MySpace and now they are what – 3rd place? Who would have thought that Yahoo would be one day pushed to third place. Very interesting, but 2007 should bring some more interesting web developments. You can count on it. Google passed Yahoo, MySpace passed Yahoo, and soon Google and MySpace will be passed by ?

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exoPlatform another webOS

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

exoPlatform is another webOS. I blogged just yesterday about wanting to install a webOS on my old laptop that is independent of having a OS. A true webOS and not just7exo.jpg a webtop. It will becoming soon, but this one looks nice for a webtop that is currently being described in 2006 as webOS.

webOS will become a true OS in 2007. For now give the company exoPlatform a look. I like the way the bottom works just like MacOS.

I believe the player (startup) that takes over in all of the webOS dollars will be the one that reads this blog. Just kidding! You don’t have to read the Technically Speaking blog, but what I mean is, the one that rules in 2007 will be the one that makes webOS a true OS.

This means

– a nice small footprint bootable OS such as a custom Linux

– then booting right into the webOS that is already there

Simple right? Well it’s probably a bit more complex, but not really. The technology is all there, and the first company that can provide this, I will load it up on my old laptop to check it out. I believe the first company that does this, will really grab most of the undecided “whether to go Mac or PC” market that is currently out there. That in itself is a gigantic market of people. Another market that will be tapped is the old PC and old Laptop market. That market alone should be big enough to entice some of these companies to get a move on for 2007.

Technically Speaking, it’s a wide open market out there. webOS is starting to come into it’s own, and could be OWNing their piece of the OS market in 2007; or at the very least be in a better position next year at this same time.

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List of digg domain kills

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

Here is a list of the domains that digg has banned. Have no fear, 2007 will be a year of where digg is going to find some competition I’m sure. Not saying that digg will die or anything, but there will be alternative’s to digg in the coming year. I guarantee it.

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