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Skype is changing

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

The news is – Skype is changing in the executive area, and quickly. Henry Gomez, a former eBay executive and a veteran marketing professional is the new chief at Skype. Alex Kazim has only been President of Skype since July 2006. The Skype news page doesn’t list any of this as of yet. Keep your eye on this for Friday.

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SEVEN grows with new CEO and $42 million in expansion capital

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

Wow. That is a boatload of open toe sandals! $42 million in expansion capital. Until I read the press release, I had no idea what SEVEN was. I figured it was the movie by the same name. Oh, don’t forget to check out ClickStar that comes out tomorrow! I talked about it at the beginning of the month.

Seriously, they are getting a new CEO. Ross Bott will join the company as its new chief executive officer effective January 1, 2007. He will be teaming with Kent Thexton, SEVENs current chief executive officer, who will assume the title of executive chairman and remain actively involved with the companys business and customers. This expansion of SEVENs executive team is timed with a more than doubling of its subscriber base in 2006 and substantial acceleration heading to 2007.

They raised an additional $42M in capital to accelerate its growth worldwide. In 2006, SEVEN grew its customer base from 76 to 108 mobile operators in more than 60 countries. In 2007, SEVEN will continue to focus on winning new customers, but, more importantly, expects to invest aggressively in ensuring that its customers are successful in reaching their mobile email subscriber targets. New capital market investors joined SEVENs current investors in an oversubscribed financing round.

That pretty much sums it up. You can read the complete article though. I never knew that SEVEN could mean more the ClickStar’s backer or Hollywood Star.  Technically Speaking, you should learn at least one new thing every day. I just did. Day is complete. BUT.. not the blogging to be caught up on! 🙂

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Google is the ad person

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

That is what they are trying to be. The line is “Give us $10 million and we will completely allocate it for you.” That was what Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told reporters in October.

The new year rolls ever so closer. 2007 will be very interesting to watch. Technically Speaking, we will be watching it closely.

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Glam Media $18.5 million

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

Glam Media, is a non-techie company that has received $18 ($18.5 ?) million in series C funding. They also have 5glammedia_logo.jpgCNET chairman Jarl Mohn is joining the company as an investor and strategic adviser, and there is a new partnership with Hearst Magazines.

The have 7 million word wide unique visitors a month and are a top 10 women’s property according to comscore. It looks like page views and visits are going to take awhile to die off. Yeah, that’s in 4 years, but it has proven to be a nice windfall for Glam Media today.

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Giving the music away mp3 style

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

The biggest thing that everyone has wrong so far is that mp3 is just a distribution platform that works. The record companies do not get it. Some people do not get it. You have to maximize the use of the mp3. You can’t just give it away and expect to make money.

You can make money if you market smart. Giving away a song or two or three off a new CD only enhances the sales of that CD. You have to market things smart. You can’t just dump every track out there for free. Yes, I’ve seen that done also, and it can work if you intend to be on tour all year long, 365.

Whatever your spin is, you have to have the smart business person in charge of your music operation. You can make money if you do it wisely. Doing it the way the article describes and then saying “How will future Mozarts have the inspiration to write new music..” – is just another shill for the record companies.

Technically Speaking, I want to see the web site owners credentials. I’m sure he is a record company shill.

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Page Views going away?

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

So if page views go away in as little as 4 years time, to help AJAX and newer technologies evolve, how will the companies track ad dollars? I mean will it be simply a “flat rate” or should I say “fat rate” that you end up paying? Will you be willing to pay $10 k to anyone?

TechCrunch does deserve that amount with the traffic they generate. In 4 years though, if the prediction of page views going away, how will we know that TechCrunch is a viable ad placement location?

There has to be some sort of checks and balances put in place if page views are going bye-bye. I agree with letting the new technologies breath and live; evolve. On the other hand, with nothing to show that you are deserving of the top ad dollar, will you be forced to live on what your old page views showed?

Good example. What if in 4 years MySpace has been overrun with sex freaks and they never stopped that influx? What if people shy away from the social network. With that example, in 4 years time, does MySpace point back to the week they out ranked Yahoo? Will what happened this week in 2006 matter in 2010?

Technically Speaking, somebody better come up with a better way before they eliminate the only way to gauge the popularity as well as the ad viability of web sites. Page Views. They are here to stay for now until someone comes up with a better way.

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MyBlogLog is growth is BIG time!

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

MyBlogLog’s growth is amazing. 0 to 1 million. In one quarter. No wonder they are going to be tucked in to bed with some big time players soon. I need to get back over there very very soon.

I think the concept they have is great. It’s quite simple. It works. You can’t argue with the 0 to 1 million in one quarter statistics. That alone proves that they are really on to something. Widgets. They are something you learn in a business course. Old school style it was. Now, they are all over web 2.0.

Technically Speaking, I think widgets are getting bigger every single day. Since I can’t say who I use, and currently am a bit gun shy so to speak, just do some searches on this blog and you will find out who the widget masters (or one of the) are.

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Yahoo to outperform Google in 2007?

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

Wow. I just read this. This guy was on CNBC saying this? I could say some really short things here, but I think that I want to expand a bit on this.

How does this guy come up with this? I mean, looking at raw numbers, Yahoo can’t even beat MySpace right now. Where does he think that Yahoo will make a turnaround in 2007? I mean, this is as close to 2007 as you can get.

Right now, Yahoo is not doing well. There is corporate shuffling, rumors, and of course “the peanut butter” fiasco memo. I mean, does the guy really believe in himself, or is he someone that thinks he can predict the stock market?

Google is selling at what? $500 plus or minus right now? What is Yahoo selling at today? Does anyone care? Technically Speaking, if this happens, someone remind me in 2007 to make a formal apology online here in the blog.

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AOL in trouble?

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

Well of course they are. I said so way back in October that they were in trouble. Reuters via Yahoo is saying the purge is complete, I think not. I believe AOL is prime for a buy out. It will happen soon. You really believe that you can let this many high ranking people go and not be bought out soon? It will happen, and I see AOL becoming a “merged” company in 2007.

AOL was the monster that couldn’t be stopped until Steve Case started to believe his own press. Now you may say those days are long gone, but I think he set a bad precedent by at first demanding that it be called “AOL-Time Warner” and then snubbing everyone else.

That pisses people off. AOL is now paying the price. You can’t be king of the mountain forever. It’s time for the new king(s) to take over. Please, buy out AOL and end it while some of us have some good memories of the service. Technically Speaking – King(s) of the mountain today, LEARN from the mistakes of your forefathers of the internet!

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The Debacle known as TechCrunchUK

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

Due to our little interuptis maximus yesterday, I missed joining in on throwing in my two cents. Here is what I have to say, and in quick hit style. My usual forte. Here is a nice long breakdown of the events according to Drew B.

I believe that Michael Arrington has the right to fire whoever he hired or rather whoever he employed, let be associated with, and be in charge of a TechCrunch entity. Period. End of story.

He is not bound by any “law” in the UK. Doesn’t have to give anyone 3 warnings. Folks, this isn’t a game, this isn’t baseball. If you need to read what went down, then read Mike’s post again. People who have commented on this had me smiling last night while I was trying to get the blog back online. Especially the ones that always want to play Philadelphia Lawyer. Rex Dixon has gotten the axe in his past, and you take it like a man, suck it up, and move the F on. Period, end of story.

Go to work today. Break the rules. Closer to home, try throwing a phone at someone’s head because you disagree. Now when your boss tries to fire you, tell them that the law in the UK requires that you are given 3 warnings, blah, blah, blah.. end of story. You’ll be hauled off to the funny farm.

Michael Arrington built TechCrunch. I don’t know the whole deal behind TechCrunchUK or the one in Japan, or other affliates, but I’m sure there is a contract signed. Like a franchise deal. I’m not a lawyer, but guess what folks — Michael is a lawyer. I think all of you Philadelphia types need to realize that.

Whatever the case may be. He has every right to fire who ever he wants to from employment at TechCrunch (all entities). End of story. Technically Speaking, it’s time to find something more worthwhile to talk about.

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