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All Of mp3 to shut down

Posted by rexdixon on November 28, 2006

allofmp3All Of Mp3 to be shutdown by Russia. This is of course via digg. Now that the sheep has unclothed himself to reveal the wolf, do we believe it? Do we run with the story? Technically Speaking, it’s probably true, but don’t forget about the boy that cried wolf!


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  1. […] BUT.. there is always a “but” when it comes to the original genie. What am I saying? Well I was looking into this more indepth this evening. It’s quite apparent that even though you can put the genie in the bottle for a few seconds, once it was let out all those years ago by Napster, it’s out. Face the music, might go away, but… […]

  2. curlykarl said

    No, no, no it cant close!. It is the best place at the mo to download music from, in fact it was only last night that I downloaded the best of The Pretenders.

  3. Mary said

    Does anyone know if Allofmp3 are going to start accepting credit/debit card payments again?

  4. Robin said

    @Mary – there is a way around it, use can use your credit card to buy an Xrost voucher and you can then pay allofmp3 using that voucher. See

  5. mark said

    shutting down all of mp3 would be one of the biggest mistakes ever made.

  6. jason said

    robin how do you use the Xrost voucher, like a gift certificate?

  7. Laura said

    I live in the US and I think it’s totally unfair that our govt. is obviously using it’s muscles to make another country follow it’s rules. Each country should be able to determine it’s laws w/o another country sticking it’s nose in, unless it’s hurting others and MP3’s aren’t hurting anyone.

  8. Andrew said

    Has anyone else noticed that isn’t taking credit cards at the moment? This is worrying me. Has anyone else figured a way to pay into All of MP3 yet?

  9. Blue said has been saying the server is being upgraded and will be back up in 48 hours. It’s said that for weeks now…

  10. Don said

    This is really a change. usually you have to fight to get your money back after you buy something that isn’t up to par, but this is the opposite. you have to fight to get “all of mp3” to take it so you can buy tracks. This is upside down. Does anybody know of any other sites that have the same kind of prices with the high encoding preferences? I would even settle for a little higher on the prices for the rare tracks that are available.

  11. Steve said

    Hmm, best way to make payments is from the website Make it directly to them through credit card and not xfrost. I think that the prices of allofmp3 are reasonable. This is what it should cost the public to have access to these pieces of work. The record companies are upset because they’re being taken out of the picture. It will soon no longer be necessary for an artist to sign to a large record label in order to have their masterpieces heard by the world. This means the profits turned out by a song will go directly to the artist. I don’t think the comsumers have been losing here as much as the artists have. I choose to support my favorite artists by buying tickets to their concerts. I’ve never paid to record a song from the radio and listen to it over and over again ad infinitum. Listening to is from a computer network should be no different. However, I would like the comfort of knowing that the artists are getting a bigger chunk of change than the records that intercept their earnigs for their inltellecual property.

  12. ListenUp said

    Couldn’t say it better myself, Steve. Try going over to http://www.mp3stor .com for downloads for now. Great stuff there, for now…

  13. Loclyn said

    Anyone out there figured out a way to pay allofmp3 yet or heard anything about it recently?

  14. little_arale said


    But they charge a minimum of 33% surcharge (transfer fee).

  15. tfelker37 said

    Hey everyone – I tried to add money to my balance with allofmp3 and it directed me to So I downloaded their software and their payment processing company web site is ‘disabled’! Arrgghh! Looks like they are out of the picture. Thanks for the other web site suggestions. And here I just bought my 80 gb ipod ready to do some serioud music downloading and my efforts were stymied!

  16. Chris said

    Warning: This is something I”m passionate about, and I”m not pointing fingers or accusing any specific poster on here. It just saddens me that music has been so devalued. Ok, enjoy 🙂

    You can’t make payments through All of mp3 because it’s an illegal service. That’s why Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal won’t process payments.

    Why is it ok to steal music? Yes, I know, you are paying about $.20 a song, so you are just buying from a thief. All of mp3 isn’t paying anyone.

    I know, I know, it’s easy to bash the evil record companies. Yes, you say, the music sucks so why should I pay for it? Well, if it sucks so much, why bother downloading it?

    It’s not only the record companies that are losing out. How is it helping an indie musician if you steal his/her music? Why shouldn’t someone be paid for the hard work they put in to creating this art?

    Is it really that bad to want to make a living creating? If you really do appreciate the musicians that give so much to you spend $15 on a CD. If you only like 1 or 2 songs from the CD, buy those 1 or 2 songs. You have at least a dollar to spare don’t you?

    For those of you that enjoy exploring new music for a great rate, I’d suggest checking out Emusic. Emusic has thousands of independent labels and loads of great music. You pay a monthly rate and get to download a certain number of tracks per month. I think it comes out to about 30 cents a track. Is a song worth at least 30 cents to you?

  17. Ken said

    I haven’t been able to access allofmp3 all day today. I am wondering if this has taken effect?

  18. Janice said

    Cannot access using url, but at this time no problem thru allTunes.

  19. Jackster said

    Just put in two new payments (with mastercard) on allofmp3 website May 26. When you log in on their website and go to your balancesheet, just check refill balance and then you get re-directed to Alltunes. You then go through the motion by filling in the billinginfo. I also downloaded the software for Alltunes that same day. Within’ two days (because of the weekend) by balance was up again and I now can continue downloading at my heart’s content. For that you can use either ‘allofmp3’-site or the ‘Alltunes programme (for which you must be online ofcours).

    It’s a great site, imo, and for me the future of music and how it’s purchased. The artists won’t suffer that much from these kinds of initiatives; it will only make the exposure (for true talent) more impressive and sales increase :-).
    And to all those Honcho’s at the big Recordcompanies I say: Don’t fight it, but embrace it because believe me you’ll never stop this train from running ever again….

  20. Matt said

    I think they were wrong to take allofmp3 off. If there was an album I was thinking of buying, I would always listen to the thirty second clips to see how they sound, I can’t do that now.

  21. Steve said

    I response to Chris’ post on April 14, 2007

    When Cd’s first came out in the 1980’s they cost $15. In the 1990’s they cost $15. Currently 30 years after their debut Cd’s still cost $15. All technology comes down in price the longer it has been out, ie: tv’s, cd players, dvd players. The cost of blank media always comes down. You can get blank cd’s for pennies and blank dvd’s for less than a dollar. But, for some reason the price of cd’s and dvd’s stay the same. I believe this is the recording industry using its powers to artificially keep prices high. i tunes which only needs to have one copy of a song to download because you are essentially just making a copy of that one song they have on their hard drive is 99 cents. They have no production and very little distribution costs. This is why the cost of Apple stock has gone up from $30 a share 2 years ago to $125 now. It is 99% pure profit for the artists and the recording companies to distribute on line. But, we still pay $15 for a cd. It is the recording industries fault people started sharing music on line it is our only effective way of protesting the huge profits the recording industry makes every year.

  22. Jace said

    ListenUp ??? Whomever he/she is from 4/9/07 was absolutely correct. looks to be the re-opening of allofmp3. All of the disclosures look to be the same and it is a Russian site authorized by ROMS. It appears they want to avoid another screwing like the one they got from VISA/MasterCard so you have to use something called e-Gold to transfer money. The site directs you through the entire process and it isn’t difficult at all. It is a few cents higher but you only have the option to rip in high quality so its about the same. Anyway, hope this helps.

    Good find ListenUp.

  23. Jace said

    Oh and Matt, if you log in you can listen to the entire album. Not just 30 second clips. Just in case you didn’t already know.

  24. adrienne said

    looks like the site is shut back down – page will not come up for the past 3 days. Hope we get it back!

  25. Walter Loader-Rubbish said

    E-Gold is being investigated for money laundering – coincidence? So now we can’t use Mp3Stor either. The “sensibly priced” online music services are dropping like flies.

  26. Warlord said

    Just another attempt by corporate America to stop the free flow of music. Guess
    what when the airplane was invented the railroad lost most of it’s passengers. Corporations really make me sick they support nothing but there bottom line it’s free enterprise when Microsoft is squashing Netscape. But when capital records gets
    spanked by some space cadet lo balling them by selling 1’s and 0’s look who’s crying know.

  27. Chelsea said

    I cant believe it!!! it was my one escape from the CROOKS of apple and itunes and all the other places that charge way too much for songs. I liked paying just a few bucks for tons of music. the bastards in the music industry are getting way too much anyways. just let us have our music and stop being greedy you pigs!!!! why should it be up to us middle class people to pay for your mansions and cars and stuff? we deserve to be brought back!! let us enjoy our music.

  28. michelle said

    my big question is, are we going to be refunded what money was left in our balance if allofmp3 doesn’t come back? hmmm…..

  29. Heather said

    Yes, I’d like the balance on my account refunded back to me. This needs to be handled

  30. Angela said

    Has anyone used
    They claim to be legal, easy payment methods and only $.09 a song????
    I’m with Michelle… are we going to get any of the money in our balance from allofmp3 refunded??? I’m guessing NOT! This sucks!

  31. michelle said

    if they don’t give it back, its stealing. sooooo, that would be another legal battle i’m sure they wouldn’t want to have.

  32. Dave said

    Don’t expect your money back. This shutdown has been threatened for over a year now, so I only put $10 into my account at a time. Considering how cheap the songs were, losing that much or less is not much of a financial strain.

  33. Sarah said

    I just got on alltunes and my balance from allofmp3 had been transferred there – without any action on my part. If you’re trying to get your balance from allofmp3, this will probably be the easiest, if not the only, way of getting it – by spending it on alltunes.

  34. Bill said

    Okay, sarah is right. I was able to login with my allofmp3 id and download, but I can’t refill my balance. Anyone have any luck and how?

  35. Rich said

    Just found a hit on Google that says to go to instead of .com. I tried and got a “server down” message, but it looks like the same one that’s been on before. Wait a few days and try again….

  36. Teresa said

    Sarha is right. Go to Alltunes. My balance was there too!

  37. Jace said

    You’re in luck guys. Go to The layout is exactly like allofmp3 and guess what? You can login with your old login and your balance is still there. Enjoy!!

  38. A. R. said

    allofmp3 owes me 22 cents. Can i cellect that from

  39. John said

    Alltunes had my balance, thank God! I had fifty bucks tied up in there. Here’s the thing, it isn’t the artist making money that gets me, its the corruption within the corporations. They bump the price of items SO HIGH so they can maintain an outrageous profit margin and so justify their astronomical salaries. Greed is killing the world.

  40. Goyo said

    Alltunes is great, my allofmp3 balance carried over and alltunes’ client download application works great.

    I need to refill my balance and alltunes directs me to chronopay website, but i can’t figure it out. can somebody give me the key tips or maybe just the link to the specific page on chronopay’s website, as from the main page, i can’t find it.


  41. Dave said

    Ok, downloaded some music on allTunes, but how do you either burn the songs or move them to iTunes?

  42. Donny said

    Thanks for sharing the info on allTunes John. I just downloaded allTunes and my balance are there. 🙂

  43. Gilbert said

    My mp3 balance is on Alltunes, but it won’t let me add any additional money–also it looks like mp3sparks has been shut down. Hmm…

  44. Rich said

    I went to and checked out their inventory. LOADS of stuff I’ve been looking for but can’t find anywhere else! I couldn’t wait to sign up, but now I can’t figure out how to add funds so that I can get started. Does anyone know anything about e-GOld and the other software they have on there? I signed up for WebMoney, but I’m not sure how to transfer funds into that?

  45. Esther said

    Can you get mp3 or wma from alltunes, or all they all in a different format? My balance has benn carried over, but I don’t have Ipod.

  46. Jace said

    Ok I give up. Gilbert is right. mp3sparks is down. I’m guessing because of all the attention it got from the AP on Tuesday. I don’t know how alltunes is doing it but they will probably get shut down before long. As for refilling balances if you go to the website there is a “refill balance” link in the top left hand corner. You have two options, pay with cc or purchase pin through an encrypted site. I tried both and neither work. mp3stor is a good site but I don’t know if I trust their pmt methods.

  47. Joxe Arkaitz said

    Does anyone know where we can buy CD quality music now that allofmp3 is closed?

  48. michelle said

    so i checked and you’re all right, my balance was sent to alltunes. its actually a nicer format than….so that is cool. you can download in mp3 and wma modes, sounds the same quality wise as all of mp3, and its quick.

    one thing i noticed, as soon as you select it and ok it to be downloaded, it starts downloading right then. I had to look to find where they were going to, and its an alltunes folder created after I downloaded the software. It takes a min to load up, but its worth it.

    thanks for your help, guys.

  49. SweetSolMom said

    Thanks for all your help!

    So far everything is working for me.

  50. canijusa said

    😦 😦 :(…….what about macs??? alltunes only works for pcs and not my mobile phone. Waaahhhh!!!! I loved allofmp3…this is a complete bummer.

  51. Julia said

    Hi everyone,
    There was an option to buy a gift cirtificate on allofmp3, I mean a membership for someone else.
    Which music website allows that too?

  52. Julia said

    Another thing…

    Is there a music website with English/Russian collection? Similar to the way it was at allofmp3??

  53. Arianna said

    Stupid vista, says the alltunes software won’t download.
    Arg! Why why why I loved 😦

  54. Kal said

    Just downloaded alltune to Visa 32bit, reloaded my balance. Rock on. All good here. Paitence is a virtue

  55. Julia said

    Everyone is talking about alltune. Is there russian music there just as it was on allofmp3?
    If not, then which music site would have it?? There must be one…

  56. Chris said

    i downloaded alltunes but on the “balance” page there is nowhere to buy a pin or add money. can i not use all tunes unless i had money in there before the shutdown?

  57. sam said

    Julia, yes alltunes is a Russian site and has Russian music
    Chris, did you try logging in first?

  58. amazed said

    crying about a music stealing site walking away with your pennies or being inconvenient that the greedy record companies got it shut down. laughable!

    if you want to steal music, buy a Usenet membership or learn to use torrents and ed2k.

  59. Walrus said

    Thanks guys for the info about AllTunes. My AllofMP3 account balance was there. I was becoming annoyed at losing my balance. The problem is that AllTunes doesn’t have nearly the selection that AllOfMP3 had. I am sooooo glad I downloaded tons and tons of my favorite stuff from AllOfMP3, some of it was very hard to find anywhere else. The AllTunes balance page had a link to refill the account that looked like it would work. I didn’t do it yet. Maybe I’ll do it later after I look through their catalog. I don’t like the AllTunes Preview. It doesn’t let you skip to any point in the song. I want my MP3!

  60. RichieRich said

    I too used AllTune and got my account transferred immediately from – bad news though….I tried adding to my current balance but the secure payment process they use only now accepts Mastercard. Looks like Visa have pulled the plug again. Any ideas/workaround ???

  61. Julie said

    Can someone PLEASE help me!

    I like AllTunes but I need to add more money to my account balance.

    I went to Chronopay to purchase a PIN… but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to buy a PIN code.

    They ask me all of these questions about my company!!!


  62. Walrus said

    Regarding the music selection on AllTunes, many of the bands I was looking for are listed under “T” because they put a THE in front of the band name.
    I’ll see what problems I have when I try to add money.

  63. Walrus said

    For paying, I went to the “Balance” tab, then “Refill Balance”, then “Pay by credit or debit card”. It seems they only take Mastercard. My balance was then updated right away. I didn’t get a PIN code or anything, so I don’t know why they talk about purchasing a PIN code.

  64. Robin said

    I too tried to refill my balance thru chrono pay had no luck then found a toll free # and called them and they said they no longer deal with alltunes. And told me to have a nice day!!! UGH!!!!
    Heres the # 1 800 350 6821

  65. James said

    Anybody tried

  66. luce said

    One thing I’d like to say to all of you folk submitting your comments here. When you go to work, do you expect your employer to pay you after your days work? Yes or No? How many of you give your services for free to your employers?

    So why do think it any different for all the Musicians, Producers, Engineers who are involved in making music. Take the Record Labels out of the equation here, because the people who are really suffering are the individuals mentioned here.

    I find it incredible that people who claim to love music so despise the people who actually make it. The people at the sharp end of this are the new or smaller artists and the small people – not the big corporates because they just find other ways to get their pound of flesh. No the ONLY people actually suffering from the illegal music trade are the very people who you claim to love – the smaller independent labels who don’t have much money. The cost of making a album is extortionate if you use real live musicians and top equipment/studios – which you all then appreciate when you listen to quality music. Do any of you realise the real cost of making an album? Have you even thought about it? The cost of buying a track legally is only about 79 pence (of 1 dollar). Compare this to a pint of lager or beer (approx 3 GBP in a London bar) or the price of a good meal out (say anywhere betweeen GBP20 and 50 per head). You can only drink it or eat it once and it’s easily made (sometimes for food just in a couple of hours that day by a couple of staff and the raw materials i.e. the food doesn’t even cost that much). Compare that to a song that can take months to write, record and produce and you get to keep it forever! That sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Believe me, regardless of what you think, it is the musicians who are getting really worn down by people who think that they should give their time and their talent for nothing. I personally don’t think any of you would give your services for free. I also don’t think that anyone who buys music illegally can actually truly be a fan of music. It’s rather like saying you appreciate art and then walking into the Louvre and nicking the Mona Lisa off the wall. It’s a purely selfish act and that’s it.

  67. rock and hard place said

    I agree with some of what Luce #66 says, but there are those of us(poor students). who would never hear some of the lesser known artists ie.(adam hood) if it was not for cheap pay for track sites such as I couldn’t buy one box of Ramon noodle soup let alone a $15 cd. But my outlet for music was truly the saving grace while cramming for organic chem. Do you feel me? Try for flat rate and no per song charge, i think it is a dollar a month for unlimited downloads. Not a whole lot of hard to find stuff, but it gets most of my songs and its legal! If your a pirate, matey. Google: Bitlord

  68. Gotta comment with Luce a little bit here. With the advent of digital recording equipment it now costs nothing to record music nowadays: I should know as an unsigned recording artist! The labels mostly spend their money on advertising and marketing and their signed artists usually pay for their own studio time out of their own profits. Your concern for how musicians and artists fare is well founded, but the record labels themselves can’t care too much(!) as they still collect the lion’s share of the revenue for a downloadable song: I think its well over 80% for an mp3 of a song, so even in this case the artists are only getting pennies. Unfortunately the labels are still needing to make shareholder profits against a now outdated business model so they have no choice but to go for the likes of allofmp3 etc. And yet, the allofmp3 model whereby they are selling what is effectively a ‘compressed’ or reduced format product might even be legal! IMHO the labels should have dropped CD prices to $5, .wav files of songs (broadband is on the way after all) should be $0.50 per song and .mp3 files $0.10 per song. The illegal market would go away overnight and people would buy every album or song they ever wanted! In my experience, most people are honest and like to play fair if they can afford to do so.
    Best regards Blueside (best unsigned artist on the web!!!)

  69. joe said

    alltunes isn’t mac compatible–any ideas? any other site out there like allofmp3 that is?

  70. Shazza said

    I’ve joined MP3stor and added by SMS text but balance not filled, has anybody else had this problem. Also e-gold have given no account number, anybody else had this problem?

  71. Frances said

    Joe, try They’re slow, but ok for macs, but don’t have the wonderful choice of all ofpm3. Didn’t aomp3 change their name and open up a different site? I think mp3shake and mp3 city are also ok but haven’t tried them yet.

  72. Ruth said

    Thanks for the link Frances. I’ve just emailed Alltunes asking what their plans are re: MACs, but I don’t hold out much hope.

  73. Anastasiya said

    Too bad allofmp3 has to put up with this. I’m sure they will come back bigger and stronger. Good luck, guys! Russia rules!

  74. luce said

    I note Rock and Hard Place’s comments and I understand what it’s like to be a poor student because I was one once and I recall the large debts! However, I don’t think that’s a strong enough argument that music should “per se” be devalued in this way. Students still pay for food, housing, clothes, alcohol (in copious amounts!), clubbing, football and other recreational activities… None of this is given away for free just because students don’t have much money – far from it, the cost of living at least for most students I know increases year on year and I don’t hear anyone arguing that rich landlords should allow students to live in their properties for free or charge sub-market rents and I don’t hear anyone arguing that the breweries fat profits should be cut back or that footballers exorbitant wages should be cut. I don’t see discussion boards about how to get free illicit alcohol or illegal football tickets! This shows people are picking on music/musicians. Sure there are those out there in the music industry who, no doubt, made wads of cash over the years but that’s true in every walk of life/industry. Name one where no one makes profits/gets rich…!!!??? If there is one it probably won’t last. Anyone who thinks other industries/areas of their lives are somehow more morally acceptable/fair/equitable are naive. Also it’s fairly clear that not all the people getting their free illicit/illegal downloads are “poor” students – far from it, many of the people I see doing this have got good jobs and are certainly making more money than the musicians they’re ripping off.

    Moving on to Dave’s comments, you mention the advent of digital recording equipment has meant that it costs nothing to record music these days. I’m assuming by digital recording equipment, you mean a PC/Mac running music software e.g. Logic Audio/Cubase/Pro Tools etc etc, and the sample libraries for stuff such as strings/brass together with various plug-ins for reverb, delays… It’s all very well if you’re a solo musician recording from home or just pumping out looped dance stuff, but if you want to record real strings for a track (real strings defo whip the ass of ANY sample library) you need money to hire them, better microphones etc. and decent recording rooms. None of this comes cheap. It’s the same for real drums, brass and even a good vocal performance (e.g. decent mics, pre-amps, compressors). Although you can do some of these things somewhat cheaper nowadays, it doesn’t sound the same. How many of the truly great/classic albums were done on a PC/mac home set-up only? If all music has to end up being done totally on the cheap people/consumers are going to really miss out. Why is some of the classic/analogue recording kit still SO sought after – it’s because many engineers/producers know just how much difference it can make to the quality/end product. They’re not dishing out thousands of pounds (or hundreds of thousands in some cases) for the visual aesthetics or just for the hell of it!

    On your point about whether the labels still screw the artists YES I totally agree with you on that one. Basically artists are often cross-collateralised up to their eye balls so in many cases have to produce a couple of decent selling albums probably just to break even! Or the label may decide not to release their album at all because it interferes with the marketing strategy for one of their other artists…!!

    As to the prices you see as being fair for music, I just don’t get it. How does any of what your saying make it right. The artist is paid on a percentage basis in any event usually, so all your arguing for is the artist getting a percentage of a smaller pie! How does that make it fair for the artist? The best thing artists can do is to set up their OWN labels I reckon. That’s the ONLY way of ensuring the artist – not the corporates – gets a fair cut.

    On the question of legality with regard to many cheap download sites, I find this interesting because if they don’t have the licence or permission of the copyright owner/publisher/artist to “sell” the tracks, in any format, then I don’t see how it can be legal?? As you’ll note, when you buy music legally, it comes with a warning about breach of copyright on it including against unauthorised sale, hiring, broadcasting etc. etc. Basically anything which is NOT authorised by the copyright owner/publisher/artist cannot be legal. So if people are trying to say certain download sites are legal, why are the people who own the copyright trying to close them down? They would only be doing this if the sale was not legal/authorised.

    As to your last comment, I don’t get that. After all most people would like a large house or two and a flashy car or two but because they’re real items they’re not stealable… so easily, right? Hence why most people out there don’t have them. No, the reason music, above all other products, has become cheapened, is because it’s available as an easily copied/stolen digital file and some people will steal as long as they can get away with it. What should be happening, is musicians should be standing up and educating people as to the TRUE value of their work/talent. NOT everyone can write a good song – if it were that easy, everyone would be writing their own and not trying to steal/devalue other peoples’ music.

    It’s interesting that only two people replied to my original comments, and some just carried on discussing where they can get their next cheap/free download, regardless of who they’re ripping off. At least two people out there seem to have a conscience. As for the rest, perhaps it shows people for who they really are?

    BTW, to Blueside, good luck with your album. I hope it takes off.

  75. Mike said

    Luce, just found this site and enjoyed reading your comments, you make some good, pretty compelling points – in fact you made me think about the issue more than any music industry exec ever has! But,I admit I came here looking for news on allofmp3.

    To me, one of the advantages of that site over and above its prices was the extent and breadth of its catalogue. This gets lost in all the hoo-hah over the pricing. I use iTunes as well and did do when allof was running, and its fine, I don’t object to paying iTunes prices but allof carried much more european material and much more 80s and 90s stuff. I used it to get digital versions of stuff i had on old cassettes which weren’t often on iTunes and which i couldn’t all afford to buy on cd. I soothed my conscience by thinking about the huge amounts of cds i have bought over the years at increasingly extortionate UK prices. Whilst I’m happy to pay GBP7.90 on iTunes, GBP15-16 for cd is simply exploitation. Whatever you say about musicians suffering, 15 quid is pure UK music industry greed. It’s only in the last year faced with a changing market that cd prices in the UK have dropped. In fact without the new competition I’m sure they’d be edging GBP18-19 by now.

    So, I miss allof but not just for the prices as it was only ever one source of my music

  76. lyn said

    i too had problems purchasing a pin code to refill my balance which btw carried over from alloomp3. what to do?

  77. Jcbhntz said

    I was too and allofmp3 fan. I have found a site that is cheap also like allofmp3. It doesn’t quite have the library that allofmp3 had but it is good size. the site is . as for adding funds everything is accepted. however they only sell $35.00 that is the min and the max. anyways hopes this helps you out.


  78. Amanda said

    I have been trying for days to log on to my account at About a month ago, I saw where it was offered to transfer your account to when people were complaining about not being able to use a credit card to refill their account balance with allofmp3.

    I went on today and typed in my old allofmp3 account name and password and my account had been transferred there along with my balance. The site looks a little like the other and they are one and the same. Try doing that and see if it gets you on track. I loved and will miss it, but I think this is a new replacement (familiar friend with a new name).

  79. kirsty said

    I have just found which seems to be very similar to allofmp3. cheap albums same set up. Good selectio but cant work out how you transfer to i tunes. Any ideas?

  80. Tato said

    Luce definitely has some vested interest in the record label industry! She sounds to me as one of those greedy lawyers that helped shutting down allofmp3.

    Monopolies and politicians can not stop the digital revolution throughout the Internet. As crazy as it may sounds, record label companies need to understand that they must lower their ridiculous fees and still make healthy profits. However, till they stop being so greedy, file music sharing will continue to around the world, i.e., yesterday it was Russia, perhaps tomorrow, it will be Korea!!!

  81. luce said

    Actually, Tato, I write songs – unlike the people like you who steal them – that’s my interest.

    And the people who are trying to protect small bands and artists are not “greedy lawyers” but people who know the only way new/small bands/labels are ever going to survive (regardless of the big record companies) is by being able to make a living from their music – just like you expect to when you go to work. Do you understand the meaning of the word copyright or do you just rip everything off? It’s like me taking a Harry Potter book, downloading it and then selling it for 50 pence and not giving the author anything. It’s as simple as that. And you think that’s really clever. And you think you discovered something. Well actually it’s just theft and that’s been around since time began – so it’s hardly what I’d call a revolution.

    What sites like those are doing is ripping off the artists. So does it make you feel good when you pay your money to illegal download sites? Do you feel like a revolutionary? There’s nothing revolutionary about giving your money to people who steal music (and do NO work at all) – that’s just plain stupid – and withholding your money from the artists. Illegal download sites don’t generally pay the artists. Why not? Because a thief doesn’t usually distribute the profit from their crime to the people they’ve ripped off do they? If they did, then they wouldn’t make any MONEY and it’s only MONEY they’re interested in, not music. They are actually killing new music.

    Take record companies out of the equation and just think of the artist for a moment. Many artists aren’t with big record companies but that doesn’t stop their music being ripped off. FACT – One writer/musician is having to remortgage his house because his album was ripped off on sites like these. Hope that makes you feel good.

    Actually, as well as writing my own music, I’m also trying to help a small independent band get off the ground. That’s not going to happen when illegal download sites sell albums at 1 dollar a shot or 50 pence (uk). Do the maths you idiot, how many albums do you think a small new band will have to sell to earn a half decent living! Especially when the artist has had to fund the making of their own album and will usually be in debt (whether or not to a record company they will be in debt to someone!!)

    All of you are hiding behind the anonymity of a blog site so you can’t actually be “known” to be stealing music. It’s pathetic. If you believe that it is about a digital revolution rather than just fat corrupt corporates in countries where they can GET AWAY WITH IT stealing other people’s work, then you are truly naive.

  82. Charlie said

    Luce, get over it! We are leaving in the 21st Century and global economies. Dinosaurs like yourself need to learn to do business differently or move out of the way before the technology train runs you over!!!

    Allofmp3 filled a void that record label companies created with the haves and have-nots. Thank God for technologically so the have-nots can enjoy free music 9from popular not small bands like the ones you work with) till record labels realize that they need to lower their prices and still enjoy healthy profits.

  83. luce said

    Hey Charlie, I’m assuming you mean “living” in the 21st Century. I’m certainly no dinosaur Charlie, I just like to get paid for my music! Just like you like to paid in your job.

    Take Record Companies out of the equation for a moment and just imagine you are dealing direct with the artist. Do you still think ultra cheap download sites would be right to sell an artists music a) without the artists permission and b) at a pathetically low price? You’re simply using this “record company” reference as a get out to steal music.

    As for your ridiculous notion of “haves” and “have-nots”, people who have got computers or mp3 players are hardly “have-nots” are they? That’s an insult to people who really have nothing in the world (such as people in some parts of Africa).

    Also, you mention “popular” not “small bands” – Don’t you think that U2 or Coldplay weren’t “small bands” once? Perhaps you’re not interested in new music.

    Maybe the way forward is for bands to only play live and not release albums. Or maybe they release 10 seconds of each song on a “preview CD” but not release the whole album until people are prepared to pay for it. After all, as I’ve said before, most people are happy to pay £3 for a pint of beer! Do you think that’s good value?

    You clearly don’t want to be fair to musicians do you (even if they were unconnected to record companies). I’m sure you and many others will continue to stand by some weak argument to justify obtaining music for next to nothing.

  84. luce said

    Hey Charlie, I’m assuming you mean “living” in the 21st Century. I’m certainly no dinosaur, I just like to get paid for my music! Just like you like to get paid in your job.

    Take Record Companies out of the equation for a moment and just imagine you are dealing direct with the artist. Do you still think ultra cheap download sites would be right to sell an artists music a) without the artists permission and b) at a pathetically low price? You’re simply using this “record company” reference as a get out to steal music.

    As for your ridiculous notion of “haves” and “have-nots”, people who have got computers or mp3 players are hardly “have-nots” are they? That’s an insult to people who really have nothing in the world (such as people in some parts of Africa).

    Also, you mention “popular” not “small bands” – Don’t you think that U2 or Coldplay weren’t “small bands” once? Perhaps you’re not interested in new music.

    Maybe the way forward is for bands to only play live and not release albums. Or maybe they release 10 seconds of each song on a “preview CD” but not release the whole album until people are prepared to pay for it. After all, as I’ve said before, most people are happy to pay £3 for a pint of beer! Do you think that’s good value?

    You clearly don’t want to be fair to musicians do you (even if they were unconnected to record companies). I’m sure you and many others will continue to stand by some weak argument to justify obtaining music for next to nothing.

  85. luce said

    The server is getting involved now and sent my comment twice by accident!

  86. butch said

    MIA, you are a bunch of greedy Mother Fuc****

  87. Grier said


    I agree with Charlie. Luce, it’s the 21st Century and no one wants to continue on w/the ridiculous business model and unfair pricing schemes the music industry has created. I mean come on, they’ve stonewalled on the price of CD’s for what, 20yrs now?

    What other commoditiy, other than diamonds or gold, has never dropped in price. New technologies come at a premium. When DVD players first came out they cost hundreds of dollars, now you can pick one up for a hundy and a good one too. Economies of scale drive prices down but the recording industry has kept the price of CD’s quite static, even accounting for inflation. CD’s are overpriced, it’s unfair and folks don’t want to put up with it anymore.

    People have had a taste of fairly priced music – Pandora’s box has already been opened. You can’t stop it now no matter how much you whine about how unfair it is to musicians.

    For what it’s worth, I’m also a musician and I think that circumventing the current method for acquiring music is wonderful. There are tons of bands who’s music I have purchased via allofmp3, and if I liked it, I bought tickets to their shows and bought their cd’s.

    It’s a new day, and your prosletizing about ‘being fair to the musicians’ isn’t worth a grain of salt. Fair is not the point – if it were, CD’s wouldn’t cost $17.99.

  88. Steveh said

    I was a regular user of All of MP3 as it allowed me to download some good music at realistic prices and I have never condoned the music industry charging their unrealistic prices for CD’s either online or in the shops, so I was a bit disappointed when one evening I couldn’t access the All of MP3 website, however once I had orderd my tracks I used allTunes to download them only now I am using allTunes to select the tracks as well.

    Good luck to all those sites offering music downloads at nice prices and to the P2P sites, and up yours to all those greedy record companies

  89. Charlie said

    Luce owns this blog, so don’t waste your time venting here!

  90. Tato said

    I thought so!

    Luce is receiving automatic notifications as soon as people post content. Also, who knows what other data is being captured here. So much for freedom of speech;-)

  91. Tony Walton said

    get what ever you can get, whenever you can get it, for what ever you can get it for… that’s the nature of life… what’s all the squabbling about?

    “…in the end, it doesn’t really matter.” -linkin park

  92. becky said

    try imesh its not the same but it will do for now

  93. Stingray said

    I tried to login to mp3sparks with my old allofMP3 account and they didn’t have a record of me. Will have to download the software for alltunes and try there next but am working on a remote machine at the moment. Has anyone who did have an account with allofMP3 logged into one of these two and NOT have their account or balance transferred?

  94. Chad said

    I had my balance transferred to alltunes from allofMP3 (fortunately I got it down to 8 cents before they shut down). Then I went to mp3sparks and tried to log in. They said my login didn’t exist. So I went to set up my allofMP3 login name and it said that my login name and password already existed. So I was going around in circles. I then set up a brand new name and tried to fill my balance with a credit card, but the site doesn’t take credit cards right now. Needless to say, I’m getting frustrated with the whole process.

  95. BB said

    anyone know anything about allofmp3.ORG?

  96. DblM said

    I had an accnt w/ all of mp3. Great site! Then it was shut down. Then I heard about alltunes. Went there, logged in and I have $20 or so balance left over from allofmp3. This is good!. So I downloaded the alltunes app and when i opened the app, I get a ‘Failed to connect to server’ error. Is anyone else getting this error? Maybe it’s a setting on my machine that I need to adjust?

  97. Julia said

    to BB: I just opened allofmp3.ORG but i didn’t log in because I’m not sure how large is their music choice. Do you have any idea?

  98. Julia said

    to ALL:

    Is there a way to pay by Credic card on alltunes or I need to purchase that PIN??


  99. Julia said

    Please help:

    How to refill account on alltunes??? Can’t figure out how to purchase the PIN…..

  100. DblM said

    Is alltunes even working? No audit? Has ANYONE USED ALLTUNES SUCCESSFULLY?

  101. magoo said

    mp3sparks was working well for me but the site is now offline. anyone know if this is a temporary measure?

  102. Pierre said

    mp3Sparks is definitely the go. Just logged in for the first time using same user name and password as with allofmp3. Even found my leftover balance waiting for me.

  103. jabda said

    Tried mp3Sparks login “Didn’t work”
    BUT “Does” & has my balance from allofmp3.

    Thanks Guys,

  104. DblM said

    I tried logging into my accnt from allofmp3 in mp3sparks but my email is not found, nor is any of my accnt info frmo allofmp3. What’s the deal???

  105. What a load of wank. First of all we are taxed, taxed and then taxed again. Then some no-good tosser decides to shut down all of mp3 ? ! The music world will be a worst place now.

    Cheers Russia !!

  106. mike said

    man allofmp3 was a really great site, i got loads of good music there which i couldn’t find on any other site and its layout was great.

    the biggest problem is the greedy companies luce, for years they have inflated the price of cds way beyong their true worth, if artists want a bigger share of the pie then they should haggle better or start their own label, especially in this day and age. music industry is so greedy they tried to block mp3s for years because their stupid cds were far more profitable, if anyone of those companies had had the foresight to set up an itunes type site they would have made so much money but all they could do was file lawsuits and whinge.

    i agree musicians should be paid but most real musicians arent in it for the money, they would be musicians regardless and spreading their music to the widest audience is what they really want. the real money isnt from record sales but from concerts interviews marketing and advertising. as someone who writes songs you are probably only interested in the bottom line and no doubt write cheesy rubihs for fame hungry run of the mill talentless retards who only want to be famous

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    Download Unlimited Movies Videos and Music

  108. TJ said is now — my balance and account info has been transferred across, looks like the same website with a facelift.


    Thanks, Interesting read.


    Thanks, Interesting read.

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    Great Blog, keep up the good work!

  112. DblM said

    I tried mp3sparks w/ my allofmp3 password and userid. Nothing. This is starting to piss me off-i have an allofmp3 balance and can’t use it!!!

  113. Sarah said


  114. Sarah said

    I miss the large selection of all of music and the fact that you could listen to more then 30 seconds of a song. I can’t tell in that little of time if I like it or not. If I like more then 3 0r 4 songs on a cd, I would then go to Amazon and purchase it.

  115. Chad said

    Good news!… now accepts credit cards for balance replenishment. So if you used, then this is the site for you. Slightly different colors, but otherwise exactly the same. Just downloaded a song and it’s all good.

  116. Richard said

    I have also had a great deal of good music from and I’m sorry it’t gone although I’ll try the reincarnations of the site some of you have found. One point in the argument over the justification for this site that I haven’t read here is about DRM. I would be happy to pay an i-tunes price for my music (79p) or whatever but I want to listen to that music where and when I want – not be told that I can’t listen to it on this MP3 player or can’t burn it to a CD ‘cos I lost the last one and want to burn it again. The whole business of DRM ‘sucks’ and the beauty of was that you got excellent quality without the hassle of DRM restrictions.

  117. McLovin said


  118. hiutopor said

    Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  119. DW said

    About the legality issues:

    The issue on legality is – copyright laws are different from country to country. In Russia copyright law works differently than in the US. If you read’s information page, they spelled this out quite clearly. The license for distribution of songs works in blocks. As such, the website was violating no Russian law. If the US wants to make it illegal for people to download files from Russia that’s one thing, but to claim that making a purchase internationally is illegal simply because you are adhering to a different set of laws is just ill informed.
    On top of this, allofmp3 issued statements to all the major record labels saying that if they objected to having their music distributed via the site that they should simply say so, and allofmp3 would remove it. One record label that I’m aware of did so. Music produced by that label was removed from the site. No harm, no foul.
    It’s a jurisdiction issue really. Same as in some states the speed limit is 65 mph rather than 55 mph, if you’re going 65 mph in a state that allows it, you’re not breaking the law. So, if you’re buying music from a site that is based in Russia, you are conducting business in Russia, just the “product” (0’s and 1’s) is “sent” to you electronically.
    In reality it’s not quite this clear cut, but that’s the reason that these sites can operate. They are following both the letter and spirit of the law in the country in which they reside.

  120. GVD said

    I am also getting the whole email wash of not registered. When I go to register it tells me my email is already used. Anyone fine a fix ?

  121. xpando said

    Well, there selling my tunes without obtaining a license, that’s just a sleazy thing to do to a struggling indie artist IMHO. And I have no legal recourse, yeah ;(

  122. xpando said

    Oh, and people, of course they can sell the tunes cheap, THEY DO NOT PAY FOR THEM!

  123. taz said

    you cant shut it down its the best site ever for music all the other 1ns are shit!!!!!! and to expensive

  124. taz said

    thanks a lot russia!!

    laws are sometimse a loade of shit dont u think

    atm iam buying off itunes and bloody hell wat a price differnce 79p a song compared to allofmp3 thts fucking loades

  125. taz said

    luce u talk shit

  126. taz said

    fuccccccccckk u russia

  127. taz said

    some very intresting comments

  128. hey dont swear said

    stop swearing!

  129. luce said

    Taz, you’re swearing too much, it switches people off that otherwise might listen.

    It’s interesting seeing everyone’s views over the last few months. To Mike (August 07), you’re going to get a bit of a shock when I eventually reveal what music I do write!!

    I could not agree more with the majority of you in that I think the days of large record companies may well be dead in the water. I wish for nothing more than the artist to receive the lions share of any music sales and for artists to even run their own labels, if they feel they have the time to do so.

    What I’ve always been more concerned with is the devalue effect that seems to be happening to music due to the internet, which is why I make reference to other items that people feel happy to A LOT of money for, like drinking, meals out etc.

    YES, it’s a great platform to get your music heard and promoted, but what of making a living from it? It costs a lot of money to do live performances unless it’s maybe just a couple of guitars, drums and vox (and we all like musical variation don’t we?)

    I’m sure most of us have moaned about how we should be paid more for what we do in our work environments, but we seem to view music in a different way (EVEN artist run labels).

    I hope this view changes otherwise it could also spell the death of new music as well.

    I am always amazed to see everyone step outside into the cold to have a cigarette, especially in tougher areas in the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, but they do. It just goes to show that if you spell it out, peoples views and respect changes. I hope this happens with music and the respect it and the artists deserve.

  130. tone said

    i think all mp3’s should be taken down from the net. but only if cd prices came down. charge 99 cents for each song on the album, example 13 songs equals 13 dollars, but no cd should be over 13.99. but of course it wont stop place charging 18.99 for the new him cd which has 9 songs. besdies, thats why they wear ther suits, and cant rock. soulrive

  131. Resource and Information

    Resource and Information

  132. Kirk said

    Beware of, all they do is charge $34, and after they have your money they direct you to a page where you can download LimeWire and other freely available p2p downloading software. They have absolutely NO content of their own. Huge ripoff!!!!

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  134. Mary-pl said

    swot swot

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  136. DarkWolf said

    Can we download music from here ?

  137.’s done it once again. Great writing.

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