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The podcast – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – at first started as a commentary on the blog, but now has taken on it’s own identity in the past few weeks. Give it a listen, it’s more like another spin on a new topic – with myself – Rex Dixon Professional BlogCaster

Be sure to check out the new podcast series – Coffee with Rex Dixon – A bit different as this is an interview type or coffee table talk series. It’s not as fast hitting as the 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon podcasts. If your heart can’t take the pace of the 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon podcasts, then pull up a chair, pour some coffee and join Rex Dixon and Scot Duke (Mr. Business Golf) in the Coffee with Rex Dixon series.

Here now are the links to the podcasts:

7 Minutes with Rex Dixon (

7 Minutes with Rex Dixon (

**NEW**Coffee with Rex Dixon (

**NEW** Coffee with Rex Dixon (

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