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Google’s 2006 Zeitgeist

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

You are probably saying to yourself “9googleblog.gifHuh? WTF?“. Maybe you already viewed it like many of my readers and enjoyed the pure statistics of the data that Google was able to compile this year. If you read the above Google Blog explanation (linked above), I think you will understand it a bit more.
I personally enjoy viewing data like this. One of the things I miss big time about not working in the IT consulting area, is databases. That and the cool reports and statistics that all that data could produce. Data is really cool thing, and you have to enjoy it to put together such a huge Zeitgeist for 2006 as Google can only do.

Technically Speaking, I would like to see other sites put together something like this for a year end blog or year end statistic compilation.

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One Response to “Google’s 2006 Zeitgeist”

  1. Andrey86 said

    Huh? WTF?)))

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