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Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

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Ziki is a social network. One thing that I see that I like so far is the ability to advertise your product on it. Target advertise. They have allot going for it. I received an e-mail 9logo_ziki.gifwithin the past hour from Andre over there. He wrote up a pretty good outline of the service for me. Everything he said I have found to be true so far. Below is the write up he sent over to me.

I do have one thing to add – within a matter of seconds after signing up, I found a pretty decent band on there – The Redding Brothers – they are on Ziki, as well as other companies.

Now here is a bit more about the social network called Ziki as told by Andre:
Just out of beta, Ziki gives you the ability to control your own image on the web and promote your skills, content and business. It allows you to gather all your personal information and digital content (blogs, podcasts, photos, videos…) in one place, market your skills and content to others, be easily found on search engines, and connect with like-minded people, all on one web site.

Ziki is fast, easy and free – and beneficial to both people and companies who want to promote themselves and their content (photographers, designers, bloggers, filmmakers, freelancers, small businesses…)

One of the cool things is right on their start page. They show you how when you type in your name in say Google, it will put up as the top link.

Here is what Andre said about how they are making sure that everyone that joins up and creates their Ziki space will be pushed:

Then Ziki sponsors your name on Google, Yahoo and MSN for free. So when someone is looking for you on the Internet (a childhood friend, a colleague from a previous job, a head hunter, a partner, a customer, etc.) a link to your Ziki is displayed on the top spot of the query results pages on all three search engines. And down the road, Ziki is working on an application where you’ll have the ability to manage this sponsored link/advertising campaign yourself, so you can craft your own advertising message and target it at web sites of your choice.

The last part, I am very interesting in seeing. The ads part of things. I am hoping they can get it right. I think this will be very important to the business people out there joining Ziki. Also, as I was formatting this, Andre dropped me another e-mail letting me know how to turn on the feature (the sponsor feature as it is called).
The only bad thing I can say is that the “pink” color theme is unique but a bit blinding at times. Technically Speaking, when you are running for 20 hours or there abouts daily like I have been, your eyes tend to gravitate to more mellow colors. I guess that is why they went with the bright colors – get it – “be visible!!”. 🙂 Other then that, I think this social network does have potential.

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks – moving –  January 1, 2007 – – Technically Speaking’s new home.New Feed URL:


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