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BlackJack and BlackBerry

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

Do the two words sound similiar at all to you? That is the main contention of RIM’s lawsuit. I think when I say BlackBerry – of a berry – and BlackJack – Vegas, baby! Neither one makes my mind think of the other.

Neither one sounds the same! The only thing that is close to being a copy of the other is the first 5 letters which is a color. Black. Otherwise, they sound different, and no one on the street is going to confuse the two. Guaranteed.

I do know this much, the BlackJack commercial video is one of my more popular viewed articles. Technically Speaking, RIM is look for press. Old trick, it does work, and basically — NEXT!


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Jason is paying $100 real money to out the scammers

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

I think that is great that Jason is putting his money to good use. It’s like a whistle blower program done internet style. I for one like it. Now on to the real issue here.

Digg. I think that after Kevin Rose let the cat out of the bag in one of his drunken rambles, he basically put the handwriting on the wall in spray paint so to speak. Do you really think that Kevin can also be like Nero and just fiddle away as Rome burns? The buck must stop somewhere. That somewhere is right in Kevin’s empty bottle of beer.

Digg is collapsing fast as a good source. There will be someone taking it’s place very soon. I can almost smell the money trail to the people who are burning the midnight oil to replace digg. I mean seriously, the site is pretty simple. People submit articles, other people check them out and if they like they “digg” it. There are other sites that are doing  similiar things, but you had the Kevin Rose who at the time was a “name” after leaving the Screen Savers, TechTV, and the original Screen Savers show.

He along with his counter parts of crime developed a loyal following straight to the internet. Good gig if you can get it. The only issue is that Nero fiddled away as Rome burned, will Kevin drink another one as Digg collapses? Now THAT is the true question at hand.

Again, I applaud Jason for trying to save the world from another scam operation by putting up $100 of real cash for anyone that wants to turn in a scammer. The real issue is -= Digg =- — collapse or recovery? Kevin holds the keys, and right now, I hope he is not driving a vehicle.

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Entrepreneur goes VC and VC goes Entrepreneur

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

Confused? I’m not, but that’s because I’m writing this. It ties in well, just read.

First off 4foundersfund.pngThe Founders Fund has hired ex-Napster co-founder, one of the Hardy Boys! Okay, it’s Sean Cassidy, uhm, no it’s Sean Parker. Or is that Peter Parker? Hey I have to have a bit a fun right?

Yes, I think the decision is a wise one. Why you may ask? Because 4seanparkerpic.pngSean Parker has “real world” startup company experience. As this article points out, Sean has basically “been there, done that”. I feel that experience beats a ton of things hands down. One is of course lack thereof. Experience. It will show up in what you do and who comes to you where you work. If you are the man, people naturally come to you with the questions they are seeking from their version of yoda. That of course in this case is what The Founders Fund is hoping to have in Sean Parker. At 27 years old, he has had allot of “been there, done that” already.

Now, what about the other side of the coin. The VC who came straight from school, never to really have started a company. It appears that according to this article, there are a bunch of VC’s going out on their own these days. I believe it’s a good thing, and when they decide to become a VC again, they will know what they are doing.

Technically Speaking, I killed two birds with one stone there.

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MySpace Bigger Then Yahoo

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

The 3 count has been done. MySpace has been declared the official winner. MySpace beat or edged Yahoo in the Comscore stats. See them all at the above link, but keep reading as I’m sure there is more interesting news then stats right now. I for one am always talking about them (stats), but hey – there is a ton of good items to talk about.

Technically Speaking, NEXT! 😉

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YouTube and SouthWest Airlines

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

First it was Coke, and now Southwest Airlines. YouTube is making the final dash into 2007. This is quite a weird teaming of companies, but hey, when you have millions now at3youtube-southwest.PNG your disposable, why not go for the kill switch on the competition? Run with it while you have the ball is what I say.

Whether you believe it or not, there is always competition that has yet to be unveiled that will make YouTube look like AM radio does to Satellite radio. I guarantee it’s coming around the corner in 2007. Trust Rex Dixon on this one.

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I’m not being paid money at least!

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

The FTC says that blogs and everyone online that markets via word of mouth must disclose if they are being paid by that product or person. Apparently someone cried foul because Erickson staged actors to show off their new camera phone in 2002.

I will state now – NO company has paid me a DIME to blog about them. Not one cent. I blog about companies I truly believe in, or companies that interest me. I also blog about stupid things that I see, or stupid items that interest me. Then again, I blog about allot of things, and guess what FTC — No one has paid me any money. Now I have received some barter items and exchanges for different things, but as far as actual money – Zero dollars in Rex Dixon’s bank account – at least in 2006!

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Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

Ajax13 is a San Diego based company that has just released it’s PowerPoint application. I’m currently jamming to the tunes using their online Ajax13 Tunes program. 3ajax13logo.pngThis all started as a German state funded project, and now has evolved into a nice company with some decent software. The move from German to San Diego, CA alone has to be nice.

Let’s see – there is the PowerPoint like application, the Word like application (Ajax Write; probably loosely based on Writely?), the Excel like application (called AjaxXLS), and something called Ajax Sketch. Of course there is the Ajax Tunes which I’m listening too right now.  It seems to either access SideLoad which I talked about back on December 1st, or it saw that I had a SideLoad account.

Technically Speaking, copying happens a bunch online. I guess it’s good as long as you are not taking someone’s ad work like the whole Google Yahoo debacle from yesterday right?

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Project Fraternity

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

Well I guess the open toed sandals didn’t fair too well. Dork! Facebook could have had $1.62 billion. Patience is a virtue man. Age and experience is something you learn to respect. Your rush to be Mr. Avante Garde just showed how really inexperienced you are as far as real social interaction goes.

What am I rambling about? The of course Yahoo leaked document called “Project Fraternity“.

Technically Speaking, Mr. Open Toed Sandals really blew this one for Facebook. Keep wearing them to meetings man, you will look great and have the real players laugh at you behind your back. Dork! 

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RebTel launches site in Polish

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

I just received an e-mail from Greg Spector of RebTel. You remember them right? They were offering the free trial way back, and you could talk to Greg himself on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.  

“Things are good at Rebtel.”,  stated Greg, ” We just launched our site in Polish (there are 14 million Polish citizens living and working outside of Poland).  And yesterday we announced a Call Home for the Holiday’s for Free program – 30 days of free calling on Rebtel.”

He was kind enough to send me that information, which is below:

No payments or contracts required; use any mobile phone as is

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – December 11, 2006 – Happy holidays from Rebtel Mobile.   With Rebtel’s Call Home for the Holidays FREE program, everyone who starts using Rebtel between today and January 15, 2007 will get the first 30 days of service for free.

No payments or contracts required to start calling.

You pay for your local calls and Rebtel will connect them over the Internet free of charge for 30 days.  “You know you’re going to call friends and family abroad this holiday season – but this year you get a choice,” said Hjalmar Winbladh, Rebtel president and CEO. “You can pay expensive charges to make those calls with your mobile phone.  Or, you can be smart and use your mobile phone and the internet to bypass the mobile operators – any time; anywhere.  So, why not?  It’s your call.” 

Instead of talking on your computer or landline, Rebtel lets you use your mobile phone to call your friends or family abroad and you each only pay for a local call – two local calls with a free internet connection in between. “Don’t pay international charges ever again,” said Winbladh. “For the holidays, give your loved ones local phone numbers where they live to call you, and get local numbers where you live to call them.  Then Rebtel will connect your two local calls on the internet for free.” Normally Rebtel’s international calling services cost $1 USD per week for unlimited calling – but only for the weeks you use the service.  And, no contracts are ever required.

“If you can make a local call on your mobile phone, you can get a free international connection today,” said Winbladh.  “Without a doubt, Rebtel is the cheapest and smartest way to make mobile international calls.” 

About Rebtel

Mobile is the world’s new mobile company, connecting mobile phone users around the world by liberating them from their existing operators and charges.  Two people. Two local calls. One connection joining them together over the Internet by Rebtel.

With headquarters in Sweden – birthplace of the mobile phone – Rebtel Mobile is backed by Index Ventures and Benchmark Capital, early investors in Skype and eBay.  For more information about Rebtel Mobile, and to start using Rebtel services, go to

Technically Speaking, if you didn’t give RebTel a try way back then, you need to try it now – especially if you have friends or family overseas.

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Rex Dixon Encourages YOU to take a minute

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

Yes, YOU the reader to take some time to visit our sponsors. As well as check out the advertise options and merchandise. I’d rather really be working for some cool startup, (SplashCast perhaps?) or maybe doing IT work again, maybe. I haven’t had any offers come my way so…. advertising and merchandising is the way to go right now. 🙂

Now the sponsors — visit them, use them, ask questions: – I use it daily. Great site, great service. Their webtop Goowy is also worth checking out.

Mr. Business Golf – Hey Sunnyvale, CA and othere places out west, you need to check this out. If you are not getting Business done via the Golf game, you haven’t put it together yet. Business Golf can help. MBG also writes a fantastic blog. I think his writing is allot better then mine.

Technically Speaking, allot of bloggers write better then me. 🙂

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