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Google Tells Us how To Link

Posted by rexdixon on December 18, 2006

When you are the number one company on the internet, I guess you can tell “who and what” and “when” you can do it. There is now a standard that came out from Google.

Basically if you are trying to enhance your page rank (who isn’t trying to do that?), you are screwed. My question is – if you can’t link to enhance your page rank, then guess what?

You guessed it. Rampant stealing and plagerism. I think it’s great that Google has now helped the non-writing people (such as myself) basically copy and paste and claim it as my own. If Google says it, it must be the truth and the gospel of the internet. I guess you have to earn every piece of traffic you have come to your site now?

Technically Speaking, for those that didn’t learn from Napster – let me repeat the phrase for you — “You can’t shut pandora’s box after you have already opened it!” Google, you might all be billionaires, but go innovate or buy something new such as your “new” iPhone. Gee, how original is that!?!?!

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Blog = great new job?

Posted by rexdixon on December 18, 2006

According Rod Boothby, his blog was able to score him a great new job. Mine has led to some great new contacts as well as just some great people that I would hang with. I am hoping that in 2007 blogging does the same or very similiar for me also.

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Mouse Innovations? How about this:

Posted by rexdixon on December 18, 2006

This article is talking about mouse innovations. I tell you what, this mouse – 5yappermousenewym_03.jpgYappermouse by YapperNut – is truly INNOVATED. It works great too! Kind of weird, I’ll admit, talking into your mouse. But it has that Agent 86 Get Smart coolness to it. I received one of these from the creator of the device. I do believe it is a quality product. It’s in my laptop bag ready for use. The mouse portion works great, as I have one of those older IBM ThinkPads with the middle finger mouse device. Plug this in, and with the great response, I’m able to use the arm of my couch with the mouse. No problem, great response time.

Now I believe the company is sort of “out of business“. The person that send it to me runs another great company currently. What company is that? Well one of the next generation social networksSpokeo.

Technically Speaking, I think he had a great product before and I hope he does well with his current company start up this time.

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Skype TV

Posted by rexdixon on December 18, 2006

The company that brought a nice free voice communication tool – Skype – to us all is now turning its attention to TV. About 6,000 people are in the trial mode of this now. Basically we can call it Skype TV I guess until we hear further information on this. I’m sure this will be picked up by Om’s network site that is dedicated video today or later this week.

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iPhone and not the Apple one

Posted by rexdixon on December 18, 2006

It appears that the iPhone that was rumored to be announced today is definately not the one from 5iphone.jpgApple. It’s from Linksys. Strange that a major company like Linksys would try to launch something that is going to have immediate product identification issues. This should be interesting, and it is going to be coming out today (Monday 12/18/06). This phone is going to be a Skype phone. You can use it without having to turn on the computer.

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