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BitTorrent receives $20 million – CEO stays put

Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

bittorrentAccording to the latest news, BitTorrent has announced that it received $20 million and that Bram Cohen is staying put. Everyone had reported numbers from $15 – $25 million this week. Also it was reported that Bram was out the door. That was put to rest earlier today. Bram is sticking around for the $20 million show. He wants to lead the charge so to speak. That charge of course is their nice sweet movie download deal that was announced on Wednesday that will be starting in early 2007.

Technically Speaking, it’s quite interesting watching a story go from rumor, to solid rumor to final fact.


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CNET’s James Kim and Family are MISSING!

Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

If anyone has any information please contact – the SFPD at 415-558-5508 during normal business hours, and 415-553-1071 after hours. Here is the Engadget article with James, his two children and his wife’s pictures.

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FREE Movie Downloads from AOL!

Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

aol videoAOL Video, on SATURDAY ONLY will be giving away 30 FREE movie downloads! FREE! Make sure your broadband is working that day.

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Microsoft Vista launched…

Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

vista launch 11/30Yes, it launched today. This version should have been out years ago, so there is really no applause coming from this blog.

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Zoho releases Office plugin

Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

zohoZoho, the online Office suite company, will launch a Microsoft Office plugin today that will allow users to save documents directly to their Zoho account from Microsoft Office and Excel.

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Yahoo tells Google to figure it out

Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

YahooAccording to this report, it’s like the good old days of when Apple and Microsoft; a younger leaner version of Steve and Bill use to have fun with each other. GoogleAh yes, get it over with, we all watched “Pirates of Silicon Valley” right? It won’t be long that Sergey will be appearing on a big plasma screen at a Yahoo all hands meeting! 🙂

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Spokeo is red hot

Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

spokeoSpokeo, again has picked up some more nice press. That now is two high profiled tech sites in the past 24 hours? Very nice, and I’m sure glad I was ahead of the pack on this site. Some people don’t like it, but I still stand by my original post which was back on 11/18.

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Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

edgeioEdgeio, has acquired the assets of Adaptive Real Estate Services. This business has been  built over the past several years by father and son team Robert and Peter Meyer — and which has patiently built up relationships with brokers and agents in 70 of the top MLS organizations — and equivalent to about 70 percent of the MLS network nationwide.

What edge does Edgeio have now? Edgeio can now show the MLS network’s 1.5 million homes in its search results, and let users drill down to see the data details hosted on Web sites it has relationships with. And going forward, other brokers and dealers can opt into Edgeio’s network.

Technically Speaking, that sounds like a potential gold mine that was just bought!

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Posted by rexdixon on November 29, 2006

BUT.. there is always a “but” when it comes to the original genie. What am I saying? Well I was looking into this more indepth this evening. It’s quite apparent that even though you can put the genie in the bottle for a few seconds, once it was let out all those years ago by Napster, it’s out. Face the music, might go away,allofmp3 but…

You can’t stop the music. Ever. Get it through your head polititians, world leaders, RIAA, record companies, etc… The genie was let loose. With that being said, I hope you all have tried these other great music sites.

Let’s start with allTunes – looks like where will be heading. I like their motto – “Make your life louder!” – Rex Dixon couldn’t have come up with a better slogan!

Then there is – 25 free downloads to join/start!

Here is one that is about to launch soon – IndieZone – so as I said — you can take the genie out, but you can’t put the genie back in for very long.

I want to state that I am in NO way endorsing ripping off the artists from making the money that they so rightly deserve! — the record companies of the world already take care of that! Being a musician myself, I would love the artists to all get paid for their hard work and creations. It is the music industry (ie- the record companies) that need to be honest and straight up, and PAY the artists what they are due for their work and creations.

Technically Speaking, as the article where I originally found this item said – and I quote – “The government will be expected to begin complying by June 1, 2007.” — that is what I love about government sometimes. By the time June 2007 rolls around, you can burn off a whole bunch of music. When it comes time for the site to “legally” pull the plug – you do what we all did – open up another bottle and let out another genie!

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Posted by rexdixon on November 29, 2006

zoomrZooomr, it’s going to Zooomr MarkIII sometime soon. I took a look at Mark II or I, and all I see is Flickr mixed in with some photograph the planet meets ??? – I guess the coolest thing is that there are tons of pictures that I like on all of these sites. The good ones I use for my background on this desktop.

I can sort of see where they want to take this, but for now, zoomr markiiiZooomr (until Mark III?) is just another photo – wanting to be – social site. Will it change the world? Technically Speaking, I think Zooomr is a good thing, but I’m too burnt on all the photo sites out there.

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