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Renkoo gets $3 million and Planypus is better

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

Hands down, Planypus is the better service. It has the UI look that is known worldwide when you go somewhere as “Web 2.0“. Their UI leaves a TON to be desired. Put it this way, if I told you that $3 million was given either Company A (Renkoo) or Company B (Playpus), but didn’t tell you which one. I just said, go look at “A” and “B“, you would swear that it was “B” that received the money. Yes, the UI for “A” is that behind the times.

Renkoo has a ton of backers in the tech world, people who have quoted and said they like it allot. My question to them, have they given Planypus a look at all? If they did, they happen to notice the differences? The glaring ones that blind you when you just go look? When Renkoo scores $3 million and it’s not the best service, it shows you that the internet and VC funding is the same as it is anywhere else.

It’s about who you know and not how good your actual product is. That would be fine if the money invested was minimal, but $3 million for a service that just from first look or even a casual pass by, you can see with your own eyes the better UI. You can also actually see some of how the service works before you have to sign up.

That has to be Planypus. Renkoo‘s UI doesn’t even compare. Not only that, on the Planypus first page, you can see events. In Renkoo, you are forced to sign up. Basically you don’t get to see anything without signing up. Oh, you get to see the accolodes by the tech “in group“, but does that rate $3 million in funding?

Technically Speaking, take a look for yourself. Renkoo Planypus – both are aiming to provide the same service – which I term – social planning – but one service gets the big money, and the better one is left with self funding. Does that seem fair? Life isn’t fair I guess, but I think that Planypus will be around and making big strides in 2007. With or without the money, Planypus at the end of the day will be proven to be the better service. Again, look for yourselves. I would really like for the readers to give their own thoughts in the comments below. It would interesting to hear some other views on this.

One last thing, wtf is “beeta“? I guess they are trying to “cuute”? Another quick thing, this is almost 2007 – where is the favicon? I guess that would have cost $2.999 million to develop? Come on VC’s, please, for everyone’s sake – THINK before you drop $3 million!


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To Answer This Question

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

What Kind of Publisher Are You?” – I am a blogger. I am a podcaster. The two makes me a BlogCaster. That is the kind of publisher Rex Dixon happens to be. Blogging and pocasting along with Vlogging or Vcasting or Video Bloggers are the new media.

Traditional newspapers such as the NY Times has finally realized that you can’t fight the new way of getting the news out there. There is not a way to get around it. If you can’t publish in real time, you will be brushed aside. Even though I do not believe Facebook is worth the $8 Billion that they want, I do believe that the future is the youth. That is why Yahoo valued them so high.

To make the most of your media today, you have to be online. The traditional paper news just doesn’t cut it. Oh, I love the fact of pulling out the Sunday comics still from time to time, or more like reading all the ads for new technology gadget and computer sales. I can’t deny that there is nothing more interesting still to look in awe at stuff you can’t afford or really need. Yes, you can do that online, but there still is that nice feeling of getting news print ink on your hands and smell of a newspaper.

With all that sentiment aside, you can’t deny the facts at hand. Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube are all on the tips of the tongue of any internet user. The world wide web is truly world wide with such incentives as the $150 laptops for 3rd world countries. Most of those are going to kids in schools. Again, you now have a whole generation world wide that is coming up on the internet. Growing up on the internet is a better term.

To ignore that audience with traditional media would be the biggest mistake you could make if you are in the media business today. Technically Speaking, there has to be a balance of the two, as the traditional media is still utilizied. The two can work together, but the new media that is here today and here to stay can not be ignored.

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Apollo preparing to blast off

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

Yes, I show my age. Apollo previously was always known as the space program that landed men on the moon. In 2006, heading into 2007 it’s going to be the Adobe flagship piece of software. 5apollologo.jpgIn fact, if what I am reading and seeing is how it’s going to work, this will be the development platform for 2007. I am agreeing that there could be startups developing off of Apollo. I can see allot of new places utilizing this in 2007. Of course, allot of old companies will be jumping on this also. It just gives a new level playing field, as everyone will be learning how to maximize the platform together.

Technically Speaking, given this and other startups I have seen and talked about, 2007 could be another innovating year.

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Facebook plays the game

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

TC points out how YouTube was stating that they were “concentrating on proving the best user experience possible” and of course “We have no plans to sell.” These are direct quotes from CEO Chad Hurley in July. Now we all know what happened to those quotes. What is said in July changes by October.

Never say never. It does make for good reading though. Makes it interesting, because Technically Speaking, Facebook is just playing a game. They won’t admit it, but hey, Rex Dixon has been around the block a few times. I know a game when I see it. Apparently Mike also wanted to point out the July YouTube quote. 🙂

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Google registrar

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

I have seen this a long time ago. Well a few hours back at least. I really don’t know what to say, but why would you want to Googlepay $10 to register a domain when GoDaddy is so much cheaper? I guess what I mean, is the average non-connected person really that stupid?

I know that is harsh to say, but that’s the truth. Why would you pay more to register at Google? Is there some sort of cool club that you will be in for that extra money? If you want to do it, I guess no one can stop you from doing so. Technically Speaking, you should not pay more for something that you can get elsewhere for cheaper. It’s a name that you are registering, nothing more, nothing less.

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Getting canned doesn’t mean you have free reign

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

My last IT gig was basically a huge ISP that terminated my contract. I didn’t go back into the place and cancel accounts. Some of the comments so far have it right, move and do better and you will not be wasting your time. The guy that did this, well he is now in jail. Talk about a nice waste of time! Technically Speaking, what I should have done back then was what I am doing now and that is blogging and podcasting.

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How Skype works

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

This is a great article on how Skype “punches a hole” through the firewall to work. If you didn’t know how Skype worked or the theory behind it, you should give it a once over.

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