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Posted by rexdixon on September 6, 2006

I have a problem! It’s a problem that most people that blog wold love to have. The more correct statement should be, “This is a problem that most people that blog, who like me, love to take things to another level would love to have”. That level in this case would be starting to do interviews with the people I have openly promoted here on this blog.

Yes, I am now in the process of conducting web/e-mail interviews with the people that I have promoted here. I never intended to do much beyond giving the site(s) I liked a little extra promotion time on the internet in the beginning. I figured, I’d promote stuff I liked and leave it at that.

Now read the first paragraph again. I like to take things to the NEXT LEVEL in everything I do in my life. I’m just one of those people that can’t sit around and be satisfied. There always has to be something more. The more in my mind in this situation was to actually take the time to conduct web/e-mail interviews with the people and sites I have promoted. I figure I owe it to myself to at least attempt and ask.

The response to the actual “asking” and receving the actual “okay” has been as of right now sitting at 50%. Not bad, I have sent out 2 interviews so far. Earlier this evening I received the first one back. All I can say is “WOW!”. I was floored at the great response from the person I conducted the e-mail Q&A interview with!

Now the problem. The response is very concise (which I asked and am asking all to do in reply), with very complete answer(s) to all my questions. This poses an issue. I mean as in, are the readers of this blog ready to sit and read like a whole chapter of a book at one sitting?

Here are some thoughts I have on this issue. I’m going to run them by the readers here and let me know what you think in the comments. You can also drop me a line via my e-mail, and if you see me on IM, hit me up there!

1. I can break apart the 20 questions and leave the interview complete as sent to me. I could do 1/2 the interview in one post, and the other 1/2 in another post. It would actually still be pretty long to be totally honest if done that way. It might have to be like 5 questions at a time!

2. I can try my hand at podcasting the whole interview, and posting snippets with a link to the podcast.

3. I can post the whole thing, and hope that you all will read the entire interview, or at least keep coming back to finish up where you left off; like a good book.

This being said, I would really appreciate some thoughts on this one. In the meantime, be prepared to start reading some great interviews by some of the people who are the founders, creators, and the inspiration to me to give them some promotion time here on Technically Speaking.


3 Responses to “Technically Speaking —”

  1. Rex, U da man! Podcasting seems to be a cool way to sit and listen and also do something else while I am listening. I maybe strange, but I like multi-tasking. I also like to hear a person’s voice, espically if it is on something of interest.

    But again, like a good book you can’t put down, the long written interview might be ok. I think the only way we are going to be able to determine what is best is to see the whole show and then tell you if it needs to be changed. You could even put up the interview and then the Podcast of the interview and see which one got more attention. Just some thoughts. Technically Speaking, I think it is You who makes the call.

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