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Google Earth – Adding Layers? How about get it right first?!?

Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

GoogleEarth is adding layers to it’s mapping. That is cool and great. I love it. Now why am I bit irked? Well after reading some interesting reports online in the past few days about googleearthlogo.gifGoogle Maps not being exactly accurate, it sort of steams me that they will drop in more junk on top of maps that might not be accurate. Fix the maps first. Send your (you are hiring all the time) employees to physically check that your maps are accurate. Have a whole team to check the maps out.

Folks, mapping has been around since the sailors sailed with Columbus in 1492. They probably were around back when Jesus Christ and Mohammed walked the Earth. One thing though. Most of those maps didn’t lead you down a road that should have been locked up. Vandals or kids may have cut the lock, and you can always turn around if you are running low on gas, but when you trust in a service to deliver information – why should you doubt the safety to go about your business?

We are at the height of technological advancement. Computers and the whole IT industry, Web 2.0, high speed data transfers — whatever you see today is old tomorrow – has advanced society to the point of more information then we ever need. All that technology and no one can seem to get it right. Great, just dump more useless information on top of the map. Hey, okay, it’s not useless. I want to know that I can walk 3 blocks and grab a beer at Foley’s on Greenwood, and that up the street, there is a historical landmark. Not.

I’m just as guilty as the next person, and I love technology, advancement, and the more information you can shove into my brain so I can spew it forth later – the better. With all that being said – a map is a map.

Get it? Google – maps are maps. They get you from Point A to Point B and sometimes over to Point C and Point D, and if you need to you can take a safe shortcut over to Point E and still arrive at Point B unscathed. That’s a map. No signs or wiki’s to say “Rex Dixon lives here“. Google I know where I live, and I know that next time I need a map printed out – I may have to print out 3 from all the services just so I don’t get lost somewhere that I don’t want to be.

Oh yeah, this was all about Google Earth, not Google Maps.

Same difference, just as hot sauce is liquid and cayenne pepper is powder – both will burn your tongue and make you sweat. Technically Speaking of course.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

Webjam, looks so much like a similiar service that I know of, I am not even able to comment. Here below is their video, 3webjam_logo.jpgand you can comment below and tell me. I’m not saying that is bad, as imitation is the highest form of complimenting someone or some company. I just know I have seen 2 sites very recently that have the very same things going on. One I use daily. 🙂

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Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

TestTube is Google’s YouTube’s Google labs. I didn’t blog about this the other day when it first made the news, as I was probably blogging about something else. It is quite nice that 3testtube_474×194.gifYouTube has the backing now of Google. Doing things right. The one cool thing that might take off is called Streams. Also the other item I blogged about already today (Quick Capture), the video blogging tool. Two nice items right from the Google YouTube labs. 🙂

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Imagine – John Lennon

Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

If you are old enough, everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news about about John Lennon getting murdered in front of his home. I was a typical teenage kid watching Monday Night Football when Howard Cosell broke from his football script to let the world in on the news.

Do I remember who was playing? Technically Speaking, I could lie about that part and look it up, honestly, no.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

It’s kind of funny when I’m right. Artists (musicians) have been getting the shaft for years. I go and made this post the other day, and my one comment was basically in defense of 3riaa.jpgthe industry and against independent artists. Well once again, Rex Dixon does know a bit more then you think.

Now please tell me how “good the industry” is, and that it’s not really a way for entertainment attorney’s to just make their buck? Please, tell me the RIAA is really good for the industry. Please tell me how an independent artist can’t make a decent living if he or she manages the business well. Please.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

PhotoShakr, I know – you are already thinking “Rex, you even say there are too many photo sites!” – Yes I do say that. This one though has a pretty neat twist. It’s not a photo site persay such as Flickr or any of the million or more clones of that. No, but it takes your Flickr photos and basically, it’s like throwing them all out on a coffee table and then “shaking it up”. You have to go there to see for yourself. Interesting concept on an already over concept.

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Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

Sxipper, is a plugin (Firefox 1.5 and 2.0+ preferred) that keeps track of all your passwords for web sites. One click entry to your password secure sites. 3sxipper-banner.pngThis is still in beta, but could be popular these days as everything except most blogs, you have to sign up and join. In fact, I resist signing up for places, because it’s a hassle to even remember you signed up already for sites that you go too on occasion. This might be something worth checking out further if you have allot of accounts.

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Ms. Dewey has soft core porn past

Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

Interesting. I was told about Ms. Dewey over a month ago, and thought it was a rather cool site. Now we find out that (the link does have some images 3msdewey-live.jpgnot appropriate for underage viewers) actress Janina Gavankar really was just like all the other struggling actors and actresses out in the land called Hollywood. I don’t fault her, as sometimes if you are going to eat or pay the rent, you have to do what you have to do. Now, I hope she didn’t think that people online wouldn’t find out! No biggee, she is now Ms. Dewey, and it’s a very interesting concept in search. Search is going to be big in 2007. Yes, I repeat myself allot. 🙂

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Jon Udell’s blog on why he is going to Microsoft

Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

Here is Jon Udell’s official blog Q&A about why he is going to Microsoft. Sounds like a sweet gig if you can get it!

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Public Tabs in yourminis

Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

A new feature that our sponsor just added was the public tab feature. I just went and did one this morning. It’s rather simple, and I wish I was more artistic, but hey – this didn’t take that long, and maybe some of you that are resisting the yourminis way of being online will now give it a try. Public tab sharing ROCKS! Oh, and here is the tab I published.

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