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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster an all girl social network

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006 is a new all girl social network. That means allot of the tech people are going to 7flip.PNGhave to rely on the girl blogger and female story breaker on this one. Apparently 200,000 have been invited. I hope to hear more on this as to what is on the inside of this social network real soon.


One Response to “ an all girl social network”

  1. We’ve heard positive whispers too about from the people with whyom whe are working on the launch of SavvyHerin January 2007. is the first online social network where women 40+ (and those who want to know what they think) can read, contribute and vote for tips for making women’s lives easier and more joyful.

    Members get recognized and rewarded (with gifts) each month, when members vote one of their tips are voted among the Ten Most Popular. Month gifts are worth over $1,000 and, at launch include Swaash, Snajot and Karen Neuberger.

    Membership is no-cost, quick and easy in this sponsor-supported network. Includes a directory of tips and members (easy to find “tagged” categories), weekly eNewsletter and monthly poll. Winners’ tips will also be featured in the annual book
    Savvy Tips for Savvy Women:
    The Best of SavvyHer, 2007

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