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Dell in trouble

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

I had it on a good source a few days back that Dell was in big big trouble. I did not run with the story, as I wanted more details. Apparently my source was really good. I do apologize to him for not running it right away (about 2 days ago is when I heard about this). My issue with this, is that the same guy that Dell just hired basically helped to kill off all the old guard TWA employees here in STL. I guess once a loser CEO, always a loser, and this time a CFO. Nice.

I feel your pain Dell, but that is how it is in corporate America folks. If you are a CEO and F-things up, guess what? There is always a company out there stupid enough to rehire your dumb a$$ and give you a bonus to boot. That is what is WRONG with corporate America. These people should NEVER be employed again. Guess what? This is the land of opportunity, and screw up CEO’s and executives get rehired over and over again to do what? Yes, that’s right people – screw over the common worker once again.

Technically Speaking, this is why India, China, and the European nations are passing America by. It’s because big corporations never learn – leave the loser CEO and executive to go flip burgers or something. It is not because the worker does poor work, or asks for too much salary. It is because the companies that have outsourced hire expensive CEO’s and executives that have a track record of F-ing things up. They are worthless pieces of you know what that can’t figure out their way out of a wet paper sack even with directions. Do not let the corporations lie to you the worker. It is not because they have paid you the worker too much money.

This does not bode well for Dell.


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