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exoPlatform another webOS

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

exoPlatform is another webOS. I blogged just yesterday about wanting to install a webOS on my old laptop that is independent of having a OS. A true webOS and not just7exo.jpg a webtop. It will becoming soon, but this one looks nice for a webtop that is currently being described in 2006 as webOS.

webOS will become a true OS in 2007. For now give the company exoPlatform a look. I like the way the bottom works just like MacOS.

I believe the player (startup) that takes over in all of the webOS dollars will be the one that reads this blog. Just kidding! You don’t have to read the Technically Speaking blog, but what I mean is, the one that rules in 2007 will be the one that makes webOS a true OS.

This means

– a nice small footprint bootable OS such as a custom Linux

– then booting right into the webOS that is already there

Simple right? Well it’s probably a bit more complex, but not really. The technology is all there, and the first company that can provide this, I will load it up on my old laptop to check it out. I believe the first company that does this, will really grab most of the undecided “whether to go Mac or PC” market that is currently out there. That in itself is a gigantic market of people. Another market that will be tapped is the old PC and old Laptop market. That market alone should be big enough to entice some of these companies to get a move on for 2007.

Technically Speaking, it’s a wide open market out there. webOS is starting to come into it’s own, and could be OWNing their piece of the OS market in 2007; or at the very least be in a better position next year at this same time.


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  1. Thanks for the review Rex, hope we will get those $ 🙂

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