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GoogleOS II is now the Linus Torvalds years

Posted by rexdixon on December 21, 2006

Have you heard about the news about WebOS? More specifically GoogleOS? I am sure you may have read it, write? This is a nice speculation article that was written on the possibility of Linux(s) Torvalds working at Google to help with Google OS. I discussed the webOS thing awhile back, and I think that 2007 will be a year that more of the WebOS that are currently out there will begin to establish a foothold.

I started talking about WebOS about a month or so ago. The last time I mentioned it was right here, and the blog post was talking about some company called eyeOS. The above article mentions YouOS, which is the most “Linux like” webOS.

GoogleOS is inevitable to appear on the market in 2007. I mean, seriously, if you believe otherwise then the article about Linus joining Google is all TRUTH! Technically Speaking, I for one believe that 2007 is the right time and the right place in history for WebOS to really take off and get a foothold on small portable devices as well as our main machines. It will also lengthen and extend the lifespan of some older gear.

Personally, I have an old laptop that is currently gathering dust in an upstairs closet that could be easily serviced to be a WebOS testing platform. Are there any WebOS entrepreneur’s ready for Rex Dixon to give their OS a spin? Let me know. I think the number of “old laptops” that could be made into WebOS machines or more like useable computers or laptops again would probably astound people.


3 Responses to “GoogleOS II is now the Linus Torvalds years”

  1. Hi

    Have you had a look at eXo Enterprise WebOS

    Worth a look and try on your old laptop 🙂



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