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Linking is the core of the Internet

Posted by rexdixon on December 22, 2006

What a dork. The judge who “rules” that deep linking is illegal. I mean seriously, how does this judge think the internet was built? If we can’t link, then you are killing off the current internet as we know it today. I don’t believe that government has ANY PLACE making rulings about what goes on within the internet.

Such rulings are a TOTAL waste of our tax dollars.  Why do judges get involved in something they know very little about? It’s obviously all about the money folks. That has to be the ticket here. For a judge to “rule” that it’s illegal to do deep linking is quite foolish. It has no bearing on the society that judges are suppose to be ruling over. What it does is basically make the internet more of a society. It makes a mockery out of goverment in general.

Technically Speaking, this society called the internet does not want government to be involved in what goes on here. As the article states, if you do NOT want your data linked to another site, then stay the F off the internet! Post your thoughts elsewhere.


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