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InQ is now $7.75 million more stable

Posted by rexdixon on December 19, 2006

InQ, has raised $7.75 million and there is probably going to be more coming to this company. This is a great idea, as I totally agree with having a live salesperson 6inqlogo.pngclose a web deal you are about to do. When I saw web deal, I’m talking about buying something online. I feel that this company will take off in 2007.

Technically Speaking, you can point click, enter your credit card number, and hit “next” all the same. It’s the live person at the right time that might help you finish that deal. I think allot of eCommerce sites will be wanting the InQ personable touch.


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Renkoo gets $3 million and Planypus is better

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

Hands down, Planypus is the better service. It has the UI look that is known worldwide when you go somewhere as “Web 2.0“. Their UI leaves a TON to be desired. Put it this way, if I told you that $3 million was given either Company A (Renkoo) or Company B (Playpus), but didn’t tell you which one. I just said, go look at “A” and “B“, you would swear that it was “B” that received the money. Yes, the UI for “A” is that behind the times.

Renkoo has a ton of backers in the tech world, people who have quoted and said they like it allot. My question to them, have they given Planypus a look at all? If they did, they happen to notice the differences? The glaring ones that blind you when you just go look? When Renkoo scores $3 million and it’s not the best service, it shows you that the internet and VC funding is the same as it is anywhere else.

It’s about who you know and not how good your actual product is. That would be fine if the money invested was minimal, but $3 million for a service that just from first look or even a casual pass by, you can see with your own eyes the better UI. You can also actually see some of how the service works before you have to sign up.

That has to be Planypus. Renkoo‘s UI doesn’t even compare. Not only that, on the Planypus first page, you can see events. In Renkoo, you are forced to sign up. Basically you don’t get to see anything without signing up. Oh, you get to see the accolodes by the tech “in group“, but does that rate $3 million in funding?

Technically Speaking, take a look for yourself. Renkoo Planypus – both are aiming to provide the same service – which I term – social planning – but one service gets the big money, and the better one is left with self funding. Does that seem fair? Life isn’t fair I guess, but I think that Planypus will be around and making big strides in 2007. With or without the money, Planypus at the end of the day will be proven to be the better service. Again, look for yourselves. I would really like for the readers to give their own thoughts in the comments below. It would interesting to hear some other views on this.

One last thing, wtf is “beeta“? I guess they are trying to “cuute”? Another quick thing, this is almost 2007 – where is the favicon? I guess that would have cost $2.999 million to develop? Come on VC’s, please, for everyone’s sake – THINK before you drop $3 million!

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AOL what is left?

Posted by rexdixon on December 15, 2006

Well the news is hitting right now (breaking story below link)now that more people on the executive level are leaving or getting tossed aside. The AOL PR machine is not commenting. What is left? AOL is basically dead in the water and that is literally speaking.

The leadership is jumping off or getting thrown off. The people (workers) are getting laid off. So is there any reason for AOL to exist in it’s current state? Who is left running the show?

Technically Speaking, I guess someone will flip the light switch and the computers will take over at some point. Seriously, AOL needs to be bought out and absorbed into a bigger company. Which one do you think will buy the remains? Yahoo or Google or Microsoft? Do you think there is another player that could snap up this dead beast and revive it? Maybe a VC?

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Posted by rexdixon on December 13, 2006

Jim Buckmaster may not be motivated by the almighty dollar, but is probably one of the more respected sites on the internet. It’s well written as far as speed goes, coverage is amazing, and to think it all started in a small apartment in San Francisco. I’m sure that Craig Newmark is glad that Jim is the CEO having to deal with people that just don’t get it.

Bankers and money people (Venture Capitalists) may never understand. Jim does. He understands that being a social provider of outstanding content doesn’t mean you have to slap ads all over and make a ton of money. I will have to agree it is a refreshing attitude and something we all can learn from.

Technically Speaking, I read about VC this, VC that, CPM this, CPM that every day. I read about companies that have no biz plan getting $5 million dollars; okay a biz plan that is based on smoke and mirrors. It is quite nice to see a company that believes in being a true .org and not in name only.

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The Top 20

Posted by rexdixon on December 13, 2006

Do many of you out there believe there is a dark horse #21 in the mix? I always do, but nevertheless Mr. Scobleizer posted the link to this long probably by now forgotten late October article from CNN Money. It’s a great way to see if your company is on track for VC funding.

Let’s just remember – there is always dark horse candidate #21.

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Entrepreneur goes VC and VC goes Entrepreneur

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

Confused? I’m not, but that’s because I’m writing this. It ties in well, just read.

First off 4foundersfund.pngThe Founders Fund has hired ex-Napster co-founder, one of the Hardy Boys! Okay, it’s Sean Cassidy, uhm, no it’s Sean Parker. Or is that Peter Parker? Hey I have to have a bit a fun right?

Yes, I think the decision is a wise one. Why you may ask? Because 4seanparkerpic.pngSean Parker has “real world” startup company experience. As this article points out, Sean has basically “been there, done that”. I feel that experience beats a ton of things hands down. One is of course lack thereof. Experience. It will show up in what you do and who comes to you where you work. If you are the man, people naturally come to you with the questions they are seeking from their version of yoda. That of course in this case is what The Founders Fund is hoping to have in Sean Parker. At 27 years old, he has had allot of “been there, done that” already.

Now, what about the other side of the coin. The VC who came straight from school, never to really have started a company. It appears that according to this article, there are a bunch of VC’s going out on their own these days. I believe it’s a good thing, and when they decide to become a VC again, they will know what they are doing.

Technically Speaking, I killed two birds with one stone there.

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