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Renkoo gets $3 million and Planypus is better

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

Hands down, Planypus is the better service. It has the UI look that is known worldwide when you go somewhere as “Web 2.0“. Their UI leaves a TON to be desired. Put it this way, if I told you that $3 million was given either Company A (Renkoo) or Company B (Playpus), but didn’t tell you which one. I just said, go look at “A” and “B“, you would swear that it was “B” that received the money. Yes, the UI for “A” is that behind the times.

Renkoo has a ton of backers in the tech world, people who have quoted and said they like it allot. My question to them, have they given Planypus a look at all? If they did, they happen to notice the differences? The glaring ones that blind you when you just go look? When Renkoo scores $3 million and it’s not the best service, it shows you that the internet and VC funding is the same as it is anywhere else.

It’s about who you know and not how good your actual product is. That would be fine if the money invested was minimal, but $3 million for a service that just from first look or even a casual pass by, you can see with your own eyes the better UI. You can also actually see some of how the service works before you have to sign up.

That has to be Planypus. Renkoo‘s UI doesn’t even compare. Not only that, on the Planypus first page, you can see events. In Renkoo, you are forced to sign up. Basically you don’t get to see anything without signing up. Oh, you get to see the accolodes by the tech “in group“, but does that rate $3 million in funding?

Technically Speaking, take a look for yourself. Renkoo Planypus – both are aiming to provide the same service – which I term – social planning – but one service gets the big money, and the better one is left with self funding. Does that seem fair? Life isn’t fair I guess, but I think that Planypus will be around and making big strides in 2007. With or without the money, Planypus at the end of the day will be proven to be the better service. Again, look for yourselves. I would really like for the readers to give their own thoughts in the comments below. It would interesting to hear some other views on this.

One last thing, wtf is “beeta“? I guess they are trying to “cuute”? Another quick thing, this is almost 2007 – where is the favicon? I guess that would have cost $2.999 million to develop? Come on VC’s, please, for everyone’s sake – THINK before you drop $3 million!


7 Responses to “Renkoo gets $3 million and Planypus is better”

  1. Yan said

    Rex thank you for the review. I think you’re beeing maybe a bit harsh on Renkoo (though I can’t say I disagree with much of it). Also if you think our UI is alright now, this is the one we developed by ourselves without much designer skill 🙂 We are just signing a designer on board who will revamp and improve many aspects of the system. We’re also releasing a mini-update sometime next week with some cleanup and improved features!

  2. Yan said

    Also Rex, it’s not a question of fairness regarding the money, it’s a little bit different. We have _on purpose_ not sought big VC money, which we feel would not help us right now. We have been able to make it to market faster than Renkoo anyway, and we feel not having a lot of money makes us concentrate better on which features we should be working on.

    Some people on other blogs have commented on the different environments. In silicon valley money is easier to come by so it’s a traditional route for startups. Our team decided we wanted to continue supporting our city lifestyle by keeping fulltime jobs, and develop Planypus during our spare time.

    There is also a difference in age..the Renkoo team is mostly in their mid thirties while we are in our mid twenties. We’re able to live crazy lifestyles where we can sustain work part time on something like Planypus. I’m not sure it’s would be as easy if we were ten years older…Well anyway, I like this life 🙂 I work fulltime, have two practices with my band (I play guitar), and go to the gym (used to be capoeira but now my shoulder is injured due to skiing), and still find time for Planypus. Hectic yes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. Alex said

    One thing that stood out to me, was the fact that you mentioned that you can’t do anything without signing up on Renkoo and you have a lot of the functionality without signing up for Planypus. That was an _intended functionality_ and a structural, key, attribute ever since the birth of Planypus. We were annoyed with sites where you had to sign up up front and wanted to give the user as much functionality that we could give them up front (without bothering our users to sign up).

  4. Anita said

    Hey guys

    i know we are all talking about these other two event planning sites, but in my opinion, I have found something way cooler. consider checking out There is a lot of innovative technology that makes the process of event planning so much easier than what ive used in the past. you can also use a lot of the functionality without having to sign in. I’ve used this to plan birthday parties, ski trips, girls night out, and a New Years Eve party and i really like the different themes too (although they dont have too many right now)

  5. Anita said


    What innovative technology are you talking about? What really sets setdot apart?

  6. Alex said

    sorry I accidentaly put Anita in the name in the previous comment… it was me asking the question 🙂

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