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Google registrar

Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

I have seen this a long time ago. Well a few hours back at least. I really don’t know what to say, but why would you want to Googlepay $10 to register a domain when GoDaddy is so much cheaper? I guess what I mean, is the average non-connected person really that stupid?

I know that is harsh to say, but that’s the truth. Why would you pay more to register at Google? Is there some sort of cool club that you will be in for that extra money? If you want to do it, I guess no one can stop you from doing so. Technically Speaking, you should not pay more for something that you can get elsewhere for cheaper. It’s a name that you are registering, nothing more, nothing less.


One Response to “Google registrar”

  1. Anders Jackson said

    Like people using MS Windows and MS Office when there is software out there that will do same work as good but with less money.

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