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Posted by rexdixon on December 16, 2006

What Kind of Publisher Are You?” – I am a blogger. I am a podcaster. The two makes me a BlogCaster. That is the kind of publisher Rex Dixon happens to be. Blogging and pocasting along with Vlogging or Vcasting or Video Bloggers are the new media.

Traditional newspapers such as the NY Times has finally realized that you can’t fight the new way of getting the news out there. There is not a way to get around it. If you can’t publish in real time, you will be brushed aside. Even though I do not believe Facebook is worth the $8 Billion that they want, I do believe that the future is the youth. That is why Yahoo valued them so high.

To make the most of your media today, you have to be online. The traditional paper news just doesn’t cut it. Oh, I love the fact of pulling out the Sunday comics still from time to time, or more like reading all the ads for new technology gadget and computer sales. I can’t deny that there is nothing more interesting still to look in awe at stuff you can’t afford or really need. Yes, you can do that online, but there still is that nice feeling of getting news print ink on your hands and smell of a newspaper.

With all that sentiment aside, you can’t deny the facts at hand. Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube are all on the tips of the tongue of any internet user. The world wide web is truly world wide with such incentives as the $150 laptops for 3rd world countries. Most of those are going to kids in schools. Again, you now have a whole generation world wide that is coming up on the internet. Growing up on the internet is a better term.

To ignore that audience with traditional media would be the biggest mistake you could make if you are in the media business today. Technically Speaking, there has to be a balance of the two, as the traditional media is still utilizied. The two can work together, but the new media that is here today and here to stay can not be ignored.


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