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Spokeo – New Web 2.0 Social Network that ROCKS!

Posted by rexdixon on November 18, 2006

spokeoSpokeo, is a new twist on social networking. It’s a Web 2.0 spin on things, and I think it’s going to be a big hit. You can import your other social networking sites in there, RSS feeds, You Tube accounts, Flikr, etc… It’s a one stop shop of social networking.

The nice thing – it works! Yes, I will look at, review, evaluate any and every site that is asking me to do so. One thing though, it better freakin’ be in working order. I won’t lie to my readers nor myself. If there is nothing more that I hate is reviewing a site that is not quite up to speed. What speed is that? Rex Dixon speed – 24/7/365 live on every continent on this planet earth that has an internet connection.

Techically Speaking, for my first time there, I will give this new site – Spokeo – 2 thumbs up. Keep up the good work, and again — when you get that VC money, and I see millions coming your way in 2007 — do not forget about your Word Wide Live pal Rex Dixon!


25 Responses to “Spokeo – New Web 2.0 Social Network that ROCKS!”

  1. And what Mr Business Golf likes about Spokeo is….NO ADVERTISEMENTS ANYWHERE TO BE SEEN……..That is the 4th Generation of Social Network Groups. Goodbye Tribe….

    Now on to getting more Business Networking sites to begin the 4th Generation and adapt to Web 2.0 concept of the internet.

  2. Harrison said

    This is Harrison from Spokeo. Thanks for the kind words. We might be a small team, but we’ll try our best to win another good review.

  3. […] Iceflake, from the intro page (no, I didn’t join), this sounds like the Web 2.0 social network that I reviewed the other day called Spokeo. I guess we are going to be seeing a ton of these “do it all in one place” social networks. […]

  4. […] Om talks about content everywhere (in depth), and also mentions highly of the new social network that I talked about called Spokeo. […]

  5. […] Spokeo, who I originally did the quick hit post on back a couple of weeks ago, now has the TechCrunch in depth touch. Technically Speaking — Nice job Natali! […]

  6. […] Spokeo, again has picked up some more nice press. That now is two high profiled tech sites in the past 24 hours? Very nice, and I’m sure glad I was ahead of the pack on this site. Some people don’t like it, but I still stand by my original post which was back on 11/18. […]

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  25. I just heard of this site and of course was curious and had to check it out. Out of the 20 some names I out in, of people I am close to, not a single one was totally accurate. For instance, said the person had children and they have never had a child and the other way around. I, myself refuse to worry about it. Whatever info they have that is correct almost anyone can get a hold of.

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