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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster might shut down in 2007

Posted by rexdixon on November 29, 2006

BUT.. there is always a “but” when it comes to the original genie. What am I saying? Well I was looking into this more indepth this evening. It’s quite apparent that even though you can put the genie in the bottle for a few seconds, once it was let out all those years ago by Napster, it’s out. Face the music, might go away,allofmp3 but…

You can’t stop the music. Ever. Get it through your head polititians, world leaders, RIAA, record companies, etc… The genie was let loose. With that being said, I hope you all have tried these other great music sites.

Let’s start with allTunes – looks like where will be heading. I like their motto – “Make your life louder!” – Rex Dixon couldn’t have come up with a better slogan!

Then there is – 25 free downloads to join/start!

Here is one that is about to launch soon – IndieZone – so as I said — you can take the genie out, but you can’t put the genie back in for very long.

I want to state that I am in NO way endorsing ripping off the artists from making the money that they so rightly deserve! — the record companies of the world already take care of that! Being a musician myself, I would love the artists to all get paid for their hard work and creations. It is the music industry (ie- the record companies) that need to be honest and straight up, and PAY the artists what they are due for their work and creations.

Technically Speaking, as the article where I originally found this item said – and I quote – “The government will be expected to begin complying by June 1, 2007.” — that is what I love about government sometimes. By the time June 2007 rolls around, you can burn off a whole bunch of music. When it comes time for the site to “legally” pull the plug – you do what we all did – open up another bottle and let out another genie!


5 Responses to “ might shut down in 2007”

  1. I think the genie was out prior to Napster – heard of Usenet? Anything you want is there… Also, this is just another cassette, VCR, CD controversy all over again with history repeating itself. I have personally started listening to whatever I feel like, outside of my normal genre’s due to sites like eMusic + an occasional random download.

  2. rexdixon said

    Nice. 🙂 Usenet, yes, the tiny pieces you had to piece together! If we are going to talk Usenet, how about Fidonet? Ever have a Fidonet e-mail address? Have the fun of running a Fidonet Node? How about going from BBS to BBS to get a certain file just so you could offer internet e-mail to your users? hahahah.. yeah, the good old days! 🙂

  3. I remember my first 2400 baud modem, was the first one in town and my fellow geeks complained that the words streaming down the page where coming in too fast to read. Imagine that – 2400 too fast! I know there is and was slower, but that was before everything was expected to be optimized for high bandwidth…

    I was an old sysop in STL. The C-64 was amazing for its time.

  4. rexdixon said

    2400 baud, yeah, I remember paying like $80 for one of those! I also remember running my first BBS on that modem; then I “upgraded” to a whopping 14.4! That was blazing fast in those days! hahah.. of course by the time I went 14.4, everyone else was on super blazing fast 28.8!!! woo hoo!!


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