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Yahoo tells Google to figure it out

Posted by rexdixon on November 30, 2006

YahooAccording to this report, it’s like the good old days of when Apple and Microsoft; a younger leaner version of Steve and Bill use to have fun with each other. GoogleAh yes, get it over with, we all watched “Pirates of Silicon Valley” right? It won’t be long that Sergey will be appearing on a big plasma screen at a Yahoo all hands meeting! 🙂


One Response to “Yahoo tells Google to figure it out”

  1. […] Remember that movie I referenced the other day? When “Bill Gates” went in to visit “Steve Jobs” about the reality that Windows wasn’t copying the Macintosh GUI. Yahoo has now stated the same thing to Google, “No, really, listen guys we are not building a library.. here let me show you.” That so is deja vu if you saw the movie I am talking about! […]

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