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Who is Next?

Posted by rexdixon on November 26, 2006

That is the question I propose to you readers. I know that some of you start up companies cruise past my podcasts and blogs daily, religiously as a matter of fact. The valley (SV) and San Francisco is currently a hot bed of activity as millions are being dropped, daily.

Here is your chance. Free ad time, as you see I have updated my advertise link above now and my rates are posted in black in white. If you are reading this late Sunday or early Monday morning in the coffee shop on your laptop, leave a comment. Tell Rex Dixon as well as the rest of the readers about your company.

Technically Speaking, as Leah received a free laptop last week, Rex Dixon actually has been thinking tonight and would also like a second laptop so that I can get off the chains of this desktop. You know, one of those “giving holidays” is coming up soon, so give, give generously so that Rex Dixon can be more productive in 2007.


2 Responses to “Who is Next?”

  1. […] If you saw my posts recently, like this morning recent, you know that I would like a 2nd laptop to get away from the chains of a desktop. Here are some videos now that show why a laptop is better, or more like why you need one! […]

  2. […] I wrote a post the other day about needing or really wanting a 2nd laptop like Leah received by letting companies “sponsor” the laptop. I would like to give the Apple Mac a try. Since I am a realist, and know that someone out there probably won’t be handing over one of the above anytime soon to Rex Dixon, all I can say is —  Technically Speaking — PLEASE – buy some swag!  […]

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