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Ads on a Laptop?

Posted by rexdixon on November 21, 2006

Well Rex Dixon runs on a used IBM Thinkpad. It’s not bad at all, 1.2 ghz, 512 mb ram, 30 gb HD, DVD (no burner though!) – and it’s just fine. I’ve been using more of the desktop lately though as the better half uses the laptop from the couch and catches up with her TiVo shows for the day.

BUT … if you all want me to walk about with a Ad infested Mac like the one Leah received – I have no issues with that! In fact, I would take one as a trade for sponsoring the blog, the podcast, etc. Yes, Technically Speaking – Rex Dixon is willing to use and start using a Mac just like Leah has!


3 Responses to “Ads on a Laptop?”

  1. […] Ads on a Laptop? […]

  2. […] Even though they (virus writers, hackers, etc.. ) are making an attempt to break the Macs ever so superior “we don’t get virus’“ claim, it appears that some are making a run for it. Well I still would like to have the laptop that Leah received! Yes, I will use an advertised laden with your companies logo on it laptop! Technically Speaking, a FREE Mac with ads burned in the top of the lid sounds like a good laptop for Rex Dixon to have! […]

  3. […] Technically Speaking, as Leah received a free laptop last week, Rex Dixon actually has been thinking tonight and would also like a second laptop so that I can get off the chains of this desktop. You know, one of those “giving holidays” is coming up soon, so give, give generously so that Rex Dixon can be more productive in 2007. […]

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