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No Internet Laptops?

Posted by rexdixon on November 24, 2006

$399 for these so called anti-MySpace, no internet connecting laptops. Will they sell? I think they might, but – will the kids use them? I think they might. Why? Because there is a whole generation of kids out there that are already better then every startup that has a 19 year old CEO in charge.

I’ve said it for years, the next generation is always one step ahead of you. For the 19 year old CEO you probably think that is laughable as you are on top of the world right now. My friend Patrick use to be the same way. He was 19 when I met him, a Linux wiz kid before Linux was so the “OS to fall in love with“. He could program C code, do networking, rip apart hardware and make cool things out of it. He basically had it all in one box.

He was able to land a great job, and was making over $50k a year before he was 21 working for the man and a couple of dot-bombs. He was the bomb as far as knowledge went. He doesn’t have a CS degree, a MBA, or any of that paperwork stuff you pay for. He doesn’t need it, he is very very smart and like I said above at 19 when I met him, he had it all.

I digress, but the point is – I had a few e-mail conversations with him recently. Patrick is now like 28 years old. He is a network admin at a financial company in NYC. I had approached him about some coding on a project, or asked him if he knew how to hack something. He honestly said, “Dude, it’s been years since I did that, and I’m so out of touch with it at this point.”

Technically Speaking, these laptops will sell, but I’m sure the minute they get into the next “19 year old” CEO’s hands – it will be hacked, have internet, and the instructions on how to do so will be posted online.


4 Responses to “No Internet Laptops?”

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  2. Two things are cooking here my Noble Technically Speaking friend, getting MySpace out of the kid’s hands and the ads on internet as a whole…

    I can applaud parents wanting to get control of what their kids see and do on the internet. I agree that MySpace is very disturbing and there is WAY TOO much advertising on the internet for stuff I wouldn’t want my kids to see either….for that matter there is just way too much unwanted advertising on the Internet.

    But offering a computer that blocks access to MySpace and or the Internet, will RD has is right, that is just going to fire up some 16 year old to skip school one day to hack the code to those devises and sell the instructions to his class mates…before long owning a pair of open toe sandals to wear with his sport coat as CEO of his own billion dollar company.

    NO, that is not the way to go. If you want to stop your kids from wasting away and opening the door to your family’s life to the thousands of criminal predators that reside on MySpace, then hit the sponsor of that site wear it hurts the most. You know how to do that…give them some bad press or thousands of emails complaining. Once the sponsors find that they are not getting anything from being on MySpace or the internet they will pull out and leave MySpace and the other sites that cover up their sites with so many ads they look like a NASCAR driver.

    Yaw, the laptops are going to sale, but they will just be the rally call for every kid that can hack code to be the first to crack that case. Take a better route to solving a problem by not causing another problem… Go for the Sponsors.

  3. Patrick said

    idunno dude.. have you seen this thing?

    “Up to eight files can be saved and retrieved using a set of File keys located where the function keys are generally found on a standard keyboard. The Neo has 2MB of internal memory, so the AlphaWord files can be fairly lengthy. If you need more than eight files, you’ll have to offload some files to a PC or notebook and delete them from the Neo’s memory. Downloading is easy since the Neo comes with a USB cable and IrDA port.”

    2mb of internal memory? That’s an awfully small space to fit a TCP/IP stack and applications today.. besides, who wants to view myspace on a non-backlit monochrome 5.8×1.5″ LCD that only displays 6 lines of text… take it from someone who once IRC’d from a 300 baud paper-only terminal.. just not worth it 🙂

    I think it’s far more likely that kids are just gonna wander on over to the next door neighbor’s house and use the real computer to get online, or maybe mow some lawns and pick up one of those toshiba laptops from best buy for $249..

  4. rexdixon said

    Pat –

    Just looked at that and it reminds me of the first “TRS” laptop that a friend of mine had. TRS-80 laptop…. sick, as in puke somewhere! hahaha… Yes, I agree.. find a sale, get a REAL laptop!


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