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7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – 9/26/2006

Posted by rexdixon on September 26, 2006

Online now – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – 9/26/2006 episode

I talk about allot of different things – from Microsoft to Logitech to pre-announcing a contest – give it a listen to find out!
7 Minutes with Rex Dixon (cyberears)

7 Minutes with Rex Dixon (clickcaster)

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Nokia N95 – NY, DEMO in San Diego, CA

Posted by rexdixon on September 26, 2006

Yeah, I’d like to be either in NY or San Diego, CA right now! Both the team and the TechCrunch team are on both coasts.

You can read about all the cool things going on at DEMO in San Diego, CA right here via a nice concise article by TechCrunch. You can read Katie’s spin on the Nokia N95 from NY here via the site and Om’s spin on the Nokia and Music right here.

Now it’s time to do that podcast – you know – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – back with that in a few; you know – Technically Speaking that is.

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eBay China, Wallop beta launch, dot mobi

Posted by rexdixon on September 26, 2006

Slow news day? Not really when you consider the big news of eBay Bailing out of China – read the details on TechCrunch.

Now in last night’s podcast (9/25/2006), I asked Om Malik of Web Worker Daily Dude, it’s Monday.. ” – well his site has been fine and updated.

Consider this – I talked about it last night in my podcast and today – Wallop – the Microsoft social networking site – beta launched last night. MS joins the party of social networking. Isn’t it funny how MS sits backs and watches trends to jump on? Should you join? Maybe.

Lastly – dot mobi – snatch one up now. Maybe I should get a rexdixon dot mobi site? Nah… Technically Speaking that would probably be a waste of my money!

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FlexiMusic Review — Rated — ** out of *****

Posted by rexdixon on September 26, 2006

*** The Company – FlexiMusic asked me for this review; and Scot Duke a professional writer, blogger, and podcaster who has written the book – How to Play Business Golf had the time in his busy schedule to do this for me today — if you want a true unbiased opinion of your piece of software, company, etc.. I will be willing to review it… but remember – if you are not ready – you will get reviewed – HONESTLY! ***

FlexiMusic Review — Rated — ** out of ***** By Scot Duke I tried to walk through the tutorial of creating a New Track to record and never was able to get rid of the track music that was programmed in the new track. My review of this program is that the learning curve for a novice is long and would be very discouraging to want to learn this program if you already were using another program. My suggestion is they develop a wizard or some auto program that helps with the generation of the basics for the program and then once that is set up the tweaking of the tracks would be easier.

The kids program would be good for kids and the MP3 encoder seems to be straight forward, but again, I had to fumble around with the help screen to find where I was to go to get it to work, which I could not get it to work. Not a user friendly operation. I think this program would work better with someone who has used several different sound edit programs. My audio editing and creation experience is with Acid, Audacity and Cool Edit. This one got me since there were no clear cut buttons or pull down windows that were common in all of the programs I have a basic knowledge of. The lack of this program not being user friendly will keep it from being widely accepted by people like me who do not have the time to go through and learn another program. Especially when there are sites out on the internet like ClickCaster that is just click and record and you are gone. Or upload and you are gone.

The price of this program is affordable and would be good for someone if they wanted to take a week or two and play around with it, but for someone that needs to pop out Podcasts to a large base of rabid fans, write books, blogs, articles speeches, attend meetings, give speeches and seminars all after I play a round of golf each day. Learning this program would not fit into that scheduled. I’d give it TWO stars out of FIVE just because the ability to add instrument noting to a track would be good to have it I could figure out how to get it to work. — Rated — ** out of *****

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JAJAH Wallop Facebook

Posted by rexdixon on September 26, 2006

Without some professional bloggers out there blazing the trail over at TC, who knows where I would get my news tidbits?

Well it looks like the VOIP people over at JAJAH made a big announcement on their blog at 8am 9/26/2006; yeah, they aren’t located here in the USA as it’s 5:30am’ish in the good ol’ midwest right now! What was that announcement you ask? Basically you can read the full article over at TechCrunch, but in a nutshell making a VOIP call from a cellphone is what they are doing; freeing up your in front of computer time to call VOIP.

Wallop! What is that? Well apparantly as also mentioned a bit in my podcast for yesterday – Wallop is another almost forgotten social network! This one run or developed by Microsoft; rather a spinoff of those guys in Redmond. TechCrunch of course has all the details, but seriously — “Dude, do we need another social network???” Sure, why not, just like we need another Professional BlogCaster in the world right?

Lastly, and yeah, it’s in the social network realm. Facebook just unrestricted access; basically. Something about using geographic regions. Looks like this just went live today on 9/26/2006. Well that rounds up what those guys hit up overnight there at TechCrunch; at least Technically Speaking for now!

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