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Forget Everything You Learned

Posted by rexdixon on September 12, 2006

In the course of making the podcast recently, Scot and I were having an e-mail exchange about another topic entirely. His words were something like this (not verbatim). “Ah, yeah, during my course of working, I met several MBA types that learned many things in school on how to do things or how things were supposed to be done.” I think you are now getting where this is going right? My tip to all the Kindergarten to MBA status types out there – Forget everything you learned! Please! Most of it doesn’t apply to the real world, and you only show how much you do not know when you try to apply “politically correctness” to everything you do.  

I am not writing this as a direct slam to all MBA’s out there. Please do not take it that way. I know several that are down to earth people with no issues at all. This blog isn’t to slam MBA’s either. I need someone to sacrifice to make a point today. 

For those with absolutely no sense of humor – the previous comment was supposed to be funny! If you were offended, well then you really need to please just keep reading!  What and who I am writing it for is the ones who think that they don’t do this. You do! Wake up, and feel the real world. Why don’t you try going to bed at midnight or later, and getting up at 5am everyday. Go to work, come home and do it all over again. Do that for 20 years or more and you’ll have my respect more so then any MBA certificate you can show to the world.  

Now why did I even discuss this? Well one of the things that Scot, who is as you know the writer of “How To Play Business Golf”, was telling me about these MBA types he ran across in his 30 plus years of being in the real world of work (again not verbatim), was that many are pretty much told to avoid conflict or giving true opinions. They are told to remain politically correct. I disagree. There are certain times you must remain politically correct, but hey when people ask for comments, they would like to get opinions! Yes, that’s where we are headed. Back to the podcast once again, as it’s something I’d like to get some feedback on.   Currently, I have like 25 subscribers and 185 listens, and 35 people have downloaded the podcast.

Well I have put it out there once again. Please give or rather leave some comments – good, bad, ugly, or indifferent. So far, the count is 2. Yes, TWO comments! One comment was e-mailed to me, and one was e-mailed back to Scot.

Now that isn’t politically correct, nor is it helpful and Technically Speaking wasn’t this an interesting way at hyping the podcast again?  

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