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Posted by rexdixon on September 6, 2006

My personal opinion is that ALL real estate agents should take a class from me Rex Dixon on the benefits of blogging and getting your own web site.

If not from me, then they should talk to this agent – Jenn Kexel. I have kept my eye on her via a local blogging promotion site we are both on. Yes, in some circles that is called stalking or lurking! Now that you have had that moment of funny time in your mind, PAY ATTENTION!

I have kept my eye on her blog and web site to see if she would be an agent that keeps promoting online or just fade away. I have seen some real estate blogs and sites that are in poor disarray after awhile due to lack of interest or just lack of motivation. Her’s is not one of them!

She hasn’t faded away, and in fact if you take a look at her JennSellsMO blog – you will see that she is going even stronger in these dark real estate times we live in. IF you are a real estate agent, and you don’t want to hire Rex Dixon to do your online promotion, then you should study this model of online real estate perfection. – Jenn Kexel’s web site – Jenn Kexel’s blog


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  2. obtailals said

    hmm.. 10x

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