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BlogCaster I Am

Posted by rexdixon on September 21, 2006

That was a term coined by Scot Duke. I think I like it. It’s Professional Podcaster and Professional Blogger in one concise term. Nice job! The new term will stick, as I intend to use it from here on out. Professional BlogCaster is how I intend to proceed in the marketing.   I was reading a few moments ago on TechCrunch about the latest news on being in possible negotiations for a $1.5 billion dollar price.

Now I ask you, is that good business? I mean, seriously, which was bought out for that $587 million price tag or whatever it was, are they really generating revenue to justify that price? I mean hype is great, and Rex Dixon has absolutely nothing against it at all, but – is really worth $1.5 billion or even the $2 billion mentioned in the article on TechCrunch 

Personally speaking, I think people are throwing money away, much so, that it makes me smile. Why you ask? Here is the reason I smile, as in today’s business marketplace, you only need to start getting allot of hits, views, and internet traffic. You don’t need to generate any viable product like in the 20th Century.  It makes me laugh and smile at the same time.

Do you really know why? It just justifies my position as – Rex Dixon Professional BlogCaster – and it makes me wonder when the time is right; as the million dollar man Ted DiBiase use to say all the time “Everyone has their price!” – What my price will be? Hey, as you know, that is all speculation, but Technically Speaking I like my chances.

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