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Archive for September 28th, 2006 – 2 Thumbs UP! FREE CALL!

Posted by rexdixon on September 28, 2006

Well I will have to say I am impressed! Early this morning I found this web site by direct contact from Greg Spector, one of the co-founders of the company, –

I just finished a call with Greg who is currently in Stockholm Sweden. The call couldn’t have been more simple. Basically, I dialed a local number that he set up for me (which you can do very simply, more about that in a second), and called him. During our conversation I asked him,”Why do you think that people are skeptical of your service?” His answer was, “Because they have NOT tried it.”

I asked him also,”Greg you set up my number for me this morning, but is it really simple to set up? I haven’t had time to totally look over your site.” He said, “You basically put in your cell number(local number), and who you want to call (their local number) and hit “GO“. It then sends via SMS a message to your cell phone (that’s how I knew he set mine up) with a local number for you to call that person.

Now as a great FREE offer for all Technically Speaking readers – Greg said to post his contact information (which is linked below) and he will set up a FREE LOCAL phone number and YOU can call him for yourself in Stockholm Sweden today! I think that’s a fair deal. He will set YOU up the number and you can try the service for yourself. I think the main skepticism is coming from people who have not had the opportunity to try their service.

How is the service? The connection is BETTER then ANY cell conversation I have had locally. Oh, and works with ALL the cell carriers out there. You don’t need to be on any specific carrier.

FREE CALL – Just drop Greg an e-mail and put your cell number and he will set it up for you. Your cell phone will get a SMS message as soon as it’s ready. Then just call the number and you will see how simple it is!

Yes, they are a new company, just formed in January of this year. Technically Speaking, this service is really easy to use, and the price isn’t expensive either.  Hey – enough from Rex Dixon already right? Give it a FREE try and call Greg and he can personally tell you all he told me himself direct from Stockholm Sweden.

FREE CALL – Just drop Greg an e-mail and put your cell number and he will set it up for you. Your cell phone will get a SMS message as soon as it’s ready. Then just call the number and you will see how simple it is!

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Rebtel, Mobile ESPN, Rupert Murdoch

Posted by rexdixon on September 28, 2006

I will have some more answers about Rebtel later today. I am in contact with one of the co-owners of the company, and will get more information of their operation soon. Now Om of of course has written his thoughts already on this. He also compared another service I had mentioned here the other day – JAJAH.

One thing that Om is lucky to have recruited is a great staff of contributers to his sites. He had written a late breaking story last evening about ESPN closing the doors on mobile ESPN – and first thing today – one of his staff picked right back up on it and followed up on the ESPN story!

One of the more interesting things that Om’s staff picked up on was the possibility that Rupert Murdoch is now eyeballing the blogsphere since he already has the #1 100 million user social networking site – myspace.

Skype. Yes, Rex Dixon likes it, and used their dial out service which I believe is called “SkypeOut” with absolute clarity the past two nights with calls to Germany. It was probably one of the clearest phone conversations that I’ve had in any type of phone call in a long time. Honest! Let’s not forget that I’m also on a 802.11g wireless connection.

I’ll post more items here later today as I see them; and you know.. that is of course – Technically Speaking.

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eBay To Acquire TenCent Holdings, Rebtel

Posted by rexdixon on September 28, 2006

Just read that eBay is about to acquire TenCent holdings which is the Chinese #1 IM service QQ Messenger. Read more here, as this blogger says they are in the fifth round of negotiations. Looks like the path to China with eBay isn’t clear yet.

Rebtel looks to be a company, from what I read similiar to Skype that was started out of Sweden and Luxembourg. The above information is all Technically Speaking, and I haven’t even hit TechCrunch yet!

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