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I’m not being paid money at least!

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

The FTC says that blogs and everyone online that markets via word of mouth must disclose if they are being paid by that product or person. Apparently someone cried foul because Erickson staged actors to show off their new camera phone in 2002.

I will state now – NO company has paid me a DIME to blog about them. Not one cent. I blog about companies I truly believe in, or companies that interest me. I also blog about stupid things that I see, or stupid items that interest me. Then again, I blog about allot of things, and guess what FTC — No one has paid me any money. Now I have received some barter items and exchanges for different things, but as far as actual money – Zero dollars in Rex Dixon’s bank account – at least in 2006!

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