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Interview with Joseph Pally, of ZCubes

Posted by rexdixon on December 29, 2006

I did a more traditional interview with Joseph Pally, who prefers the title of Head Developer (CEO) of zcubes-xmas-icon.pngZCubes this evening. What do I mean by more traditional? Well I actually talked on the phone with him while he demonstrated the capabilities of ZCubes to me via GoToMeeting.

“We would like ZCubes to be an experience,” said Joe who was very excited while showing me some of the more interesting capabilities of the product while explaining everything in great detail over the phone. He has every reason to be excited. To truly get a grasp on ZCubes, you either have to have it shown to you as a demo, or go experience it for yourself. You readers will get that chance in a few moments to have your own experience.

“The internet has been reserved by people who can code. We want everyone to be able to express themselves, however and whenever they would like too. Why does it take for example 2 products from Microsoft to do 2 things?” Joe was referring to Word and Visio.

What he was saying was exactly what many have said before. Why should it take two products – one for writing a document and one for creating a flow chart – when it could all be implemented into one product? We all know the answer to this of course is money. You can make twice the money by having two products to sell. No rocket science there.

ZCubes does it all in one place. Not only that, you programmer types can actually do coding and manipulate coding at a level that you would have needed certain software products to do in the past. He showed me a great example when he drew 3 circles on the ZCube, and then with a few clicks he extracted the code to create the circles. He then opened up another blank ZSpace, and he took that code he extracted and put it in a code window and ran the code. It created the same 3 circles in the same exact spot. You can also go further with that by tweaking the code at that point.

The nice thing about ZCubes is that it is FREE. I was asking Joe about VC or investors in the product “We want to keep this product free for everyone to use,”stated Joe,”We believe it’s the experience that should be shared with everyone. Allot of what you see is user developed ideas.”

With a few clicks, he showed me something an 18 year old girl wanted in the product, and it was implemented. He stated,”Personally I would have never thought of putting this in the product. In fact most of the things that are changing daily within ZCubes are user feedback or user ideas.” Now even though Joseph is the CEO of the company he is very hands on. When I asked if he was the head developer, he stated,”I’m a very hands on CEO.”

ZCubes is currently about 30 developers world wide. Joe resides in Houston, TX, but there are developers everywhere. The main goal is to keep the product free, and to enhance the product from user feedback. “We feel that Google made money and they are still a free product,” Joe pointed out.

I think ZCubes actually has a viable working product to offer. Google when it first started only had a nice search engine to market. ZCubes is light years beyond just a search engine. I wouldn’t be surprised if ZCubes went IPO. What the ZCube company does not want to have is some investors taking the product and manipulating it into a capitalistic money making machine for sale to the user community.

ZCubes is truly what I would term a true Web 2.0 offering to the public to experience. In fact that is probably is an inaccurate statement. This is a probably a Web 2.1 or Web 3.0 product. It is as advertised. It is truly an all in one product.

There were so many things that Joe ran through in the 1 hour plus we were on the phone while he moved around in GoToMeeting to demonstrate some of the cooler things that ZCubes could do. One of the things that was very interesting was the ability of the product to extract every single picture from a web site, and then creating a nice slide show for yourself or to share with others. It can even go further, by going into the link tree from the site, and extract all those pictures also.

For the hardcore video heads, yes, it does video. The nice thing is you can mix video, pictures from the internet, and your own artwork in one ZSpace. You can then save it, share it, or e-mail it off to someone. Experience. It’s all possible in ZCubes.

Experience. That is how I would describe ZCubes now that I have had a guided tour. One interesting note, is that they are about 60 days away from being fully Firefox compliant. For now, to get the full ZCubes experience you will have to use Internet Explorer. Drag and drop is one of the main issues, but there are a few other nagging things that Firefox doesn’t do well. In fact they have resolved most of the drag and drop issues. Before releasing the plugin or fix, they want it to be right.

That last statement alone should say enough about the company. They want it to be right. This is a company that you want to definitely keep an eye on. In fact, you should not only keep an eye on it, but you should get over there right now – ZCubes – it’s an experience you will not forget. It’s an experience you can share with other people. It’s something you will remember and keep going back for more.

I want to thank Joseph Pally, Head Developer (CEO) of ZCubes for being so gracious and spending over 1 hour with me this evening. His product is world class, and as a final note, here is a picture that he drew and e-mailed to me. Open that link up in Internet Explorer and click the “Z” in the left hand corner. Click “Edit Experience“.

Technically Speaking, a whole NEW experience is about to unfold. The picture will be “ALIVE” for you to experience! Yes, you can take the experience I had watching Joe create earlier tonight, and you can now manipulate it and share that experience with whoever. In fact, you should save and post or e-mail your experience so I can see it when you are done.

Have fun with all you can do in ZCubes.

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