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Well maybe I’ll pass on that Ferrari

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

Just had a nice conversation with Marshall, and he tells me that those nice (you can read his remarks) Ferrari laptops are NOT for keeps. Basically it was always for review purposes, and review or give away after you are done purposes only!

Here I was sitting reading the last article, wondering “Hmm.. maybe in 2007, I can rate to get one … ” … And now I’m thinking “Hmm.. maybe in 2007 I’ll get one, and donate it to the newly founded Rex Dixon Charity.” .. Just Kidding! Seriously though, my thoughts now ponder – Microsoft wants a honest review of Vista. Microsoft sends out Ferrari laptops to bloggers to review. Microsoft asks you do the review, play with the laptop and then send it back.

Technically Speaking, if the laptop is like $2k or there abouts, why can’t Microsoft actually say “they are yours to keep after the review for PAYMENT of doing the review!”

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