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Google’s Blog Search Passes Technorati in a Photo Finish

Posted by rexdixon on December 28, 2006

Some are saying “Google Eats Technorati For Lunch“. It seems like it’s the talk of the internet this evening, but I can not really say “eating Technorati for lunch” is exactly the term to be used here.

Just as when MySpace passed up Yahoo, it wasn’t by much. Eating for lunch in my mind is stomping another site in overall stats. If you look at the stats that HitWise’s LeeAnn Prescott has compiled for the article that is the talk of the evening, I do not think it’s exactly a stomp, see ya and so long Technorati.

Technically Speaking, if I wasn’t so busy this evening with other items I may have used the attention grabbing headline also. I do confess that much. What I can’t confess is that it’s “lights out for Technorati”. Folks, .0025% and .0023% is very very close. It’s more like the title should be – “Google’s Blog Search Passes Technorati in a Photo Finish” – and that’s what I’m running it as here on this blog.


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