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Shuzak the social network for geeks

Posted by rexdixon on December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas! If you are reading this on Christmas day – you might be a geek! Do you want to hook up with other geeks and trade programming and math information? On Christmas day even? I’m sure you will find them right here at 7shuzuk.jpgShuzak. I received an e-mail about 7 hours ago (Christmas eve/day!) from Jawad who I have conversed with in the past about his new social network.

Since the last time I looked at it, it sure has improved allot! I think he has found his niche for his social network, and that would be the programmer, the math geek, and mainly the crowd that eats and lives coding 24/7/365. Give it a try, if you are reading this today. Because Technically Speaking, if you are reading this on Christmas day – you are a geek. 🙂


3 Responses to “Shuzak the social network for geeks”

  1. haha, rex. Thank you for covering us. For anyone reading this, Rex was among the first to provide helpful advice on the frontpage of Shuzak. I was intensely focused on coding the network and rex persuaded me to work on some design aspects as well 🙂 As Rex mentioned, our ambition over at Shuzak is to channel into programmers, mathematicians, and the sort of people that are at the forefront of technical progress. There is a social network for friends, students, parents, but surprisingly enough, we couldn’t find one for the intellectually inclined. Shuzak aims to fill that space 🙂

    – Jawad Shuaib

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