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MojoPac Free License

Posted by rexdixon on December 23, 2006

All you have to do is post why you want MojoPac. They are giving away 7mojopac.gif2 of the licenses; give away to occur on December 27th. Sounds like a great deal to me. Just leave them a comment, and make sure you read the other ones to get a decent idea of the people you are up against for the give away! You have no idea what MojoPac is?

Basically it’s a way for you to carry around your computer on a portable device. Not your computer obviously, but more like you data, files, mp3’s, etc.. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you are working on your computer anywhere you are. Make sense? If you are still curious, I did a post about another service that does pretty much the same thing. Both seem like a great way to carry about your computer settings on one of the many portable harddrives that are ample these days. Well a USB stick isn’t considered a HD, but you get what I’m saying; I hope!


15 Responses to “MojoPac Free License”

  1. Miljan said

    All you ever nead is MOJOPAC top protected data becuse you have data on yours ext harddisk… as simple as that.

  2. davor said


  3. shane said

    Mojo pac for free? I’d like, please and thanks

  4. xomino said

    good mojopac

  5. steven said

    mojopack is a very handy and nice program, and i need the program to game :P, and for school

  6. Steyen said

    i need mojopac for programming my little usefull programs everywhere i go, please send me a licence thanx very much

  7. knots said

    mojopack is a Program I need for school and games please send me a license thank you very much

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  9. mlmscash said


  10. Jacob Mey said

    Ok, You couldn’t have heard a story more desperate than mine(half-true) and here it is. First off, I need it because I’m away from home a LOT! And Mojopac (as I determined) is compatable with most of the computers I use. As an SS (starving student)I can’t really get it due to a lack of cash AND CREDIT CARD. I’ve tried EVERY promo, I’ve begged on forums, I’ve begged on OFFICIAL forums, and now I’m begging from you guys. I do lots of extra-curricular business with programming, documentation, and of course gaming(XD). So that’s my appeal, if you have any way that I can get that license from you besides illigal activity/arson please tell me and/or please spare me a license. That’s about it Merry Future Christmas! and thank you no matter what your desicion is.

  11. Mojotech said

    Just visit website and download the Mojopac installer. Activate Mojopac as Mojopac freedom by providing the registered Mojopac website username and password. Glad to inform, you can use Mojopac as long as you want without licensing.

  12. golf is an easy game…yeah right! But maybe someone knows how to get it right?

  13. nicolaas willemen said

    I can install games and play them from mojopack instead of destroying my original xp.

  14. Maria said

    Fantastic post! love this blog

  15. when it comes to free games, i always look for free flash games because they have small file sizes ;*.

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