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AllOfMp3 dot com sued for $1.65 Trillion!

Posted by rexdixon on December 23, 2006

That sure beats the $1.65 Billion that Google bought YouTube for. AllOfMp3 is being sued for $150,000 per song for the 11 million that were downloaded from June to October of 2006. That comes out to $1.65 TRILLION! What do I think?

This is nothing more then smoke and mirrors. Yes, just an elaborate cat and mouse game the RIAA is so good at playing. Do they really think they are going to get $1.65 Trillion or even $1.65? Come on now, readers think about this.

The RIAA is suing a company that is based in Russia. The same Russia that was the main country of the former Soviet Union. Do you really think the RIAA has any jurisdiction there? No. They are powerless, so they what did they do? They did what they always do best. Sue. That’s all they really are, just a bunch of lawyers that have no clue about music. They just want to protect your rights, or the rights of the musician. That is their line and has been for years. What is it really? A LIE.

Why? Because the record labels that are suing – EMI, Sony, BMG, Universal Music – all want to make more money for themselves. It’s obvious to me. How much of that $150,00 is going to trickle down to the artist? I can bet, it will be like oh let’s just say $0.

I don’t feel sorry for the record companies, they have raped musicians for years. The musicians are doing no worse then they did before AllOfMp3 dot com. By the way, has the RIAA read the Russian law books? Have they read how they treat online distribution of music? Basically, it’s legal what they are doing.

The RIAA is not good for music or the musicians that bust their butts to record and write it. They are in it for themselves, and the record company interests only. They aren’t there to give 1 cent to the artist that deserves like $149,999.99 of that $150,000. The artist and musician won’t see one penny of it. Instead, the RIAA might give that 1 cent to the musician.

The smart reader will go to AllOfMp3 dot com and download all they can. The RIAA isn’t about to turn over any money they will collect to the rightful owners of that money – and that to course is – the artist and musician. Interesting side note – I just saw Twisted Sister on some late show – they did a Christmas song – Come All Ye Faithful. Quite interesting. 🙂


7 Responses to “AllOfMp3 dot com sued for $1.65 Trillion!”

  1. Can you say Gagzillion? That might as well be the amount they designated to sue for over this deal…I am sure there is a gaggle of attorney’s who have been hovering over their international law reference books to come up with some way to attempt to stop people from all around the world from downloading the music they manage. I guess the billions of dollars they make annually from the retail sale of CD’s in record stores is not enough and as RD has so articulately outline for us, the guy or gal who is not benefiting from any of this is probably sitting on skid row panhandling for their next meal…. I would say since I am not an attorney the best thing I can see coming out of this is a lot of publicity for someone because I don’t think Russia is going to observe any international law concerning this since they are looking to finding someway to drive some cash flow into their country…. The only way I can see any control of this situation is for the RIAA to do something stupid like not allowing the musicians they have under contract to record anything and the only way the public would get the artist music is to go to their concert and buy the CD’s that are available afterwards… That will last about a week and then we are getting them from the internet again…so WTF…is all I can say..

  2. Joe said

    What is the purpose of RIAA & record companies when internet can be the distribution medium for songs & movies directly from the artists?

  3. rexdixon said

    Obviously to sue people! 🙂 Now I don’t advocate stealing from the food table of the musician at all. I want the musician to get paid, and the recording industry ensures they do NOT get paid. It’s the places like ASCAP and BMI that ensure the musicians are paid. NOT the recording industry or the RIAA.

    The RIAA and the record industry is out to make a dollar for their own pockets; giving spare change to the musician who wrote the music.

    The recording industry missed the boat in 1999 when Napster came out. They should have instead of lashed out, they should have latched ON.


  4. ООО..давно искал. Забрал в букмарки. Автор, пишите почаще..не забрасывайте блог…Кстати не мешало бы диз поменять.

  5. Darlurbak said

    Блин, столько написал, а не отправилось…видимо глюк вордпресса. Вообщем забукмартил ресурс 🙂

  6. Пост супер!!! Ждём продолжения 🙂

  7. Darlurbak said

    Хороший сайт. Столько много инфы тут нарыл для себя.

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