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What Comments Are For

Posted by rexdixon on December 20, 2006

It is quite strange to me that all of sudden my blog is basically cut off from the rest of the world. No one seems to be answering my inquiries as to “Why?”. I figure instead of engaging in a conversation of disagreement, the people that be in power decided to just cut me off. No explanation what so ever.

Let me explain something. The comments area below any post of mine is where you can post your negative views on my views. Mainly, if you disagree with something I wrote, please go ahead and air your displeasure.

To just out of the blue cut me off, for no reason and no explanation just proves one thing and one thing only. Total lack of respect for others. Your lack of respect for other people is quite disturbing. You seem to think all it takes is cutting someone off to make them stop blogging the truth.

Well there is where you are wrong. The choice by the powers that be is to no longer link my blog. I am still blogging my opinions on the top stories of the day. One thing I ask, “Could you man up and at least e-mail me your point of view?” I mean if you can’t even “man up” in the comments, do I really expect a e-mail with an explanation any time soon?

Technically Speaking, I do not expect any reponse from the people that are in power. That is fine, just next time you disagree with something, the comments below are for you to air that out. That is why they are there. Comments – leave yours now if you wish to disagree with anything that I have written.  


3 Responses to “What Comments Are For”

  1. Hey –


  2. rexdixon said


    Just something happened in the past few days that has me going “WTF?” … 🙂 I’ll drop you a line.


  3. RD, Don’t hold back on us now, let it all out, tell us what you really think…the people are listening….

    Seriously now, it is interesting how all of the sudden your viewers seemingly are being blocked from reading what you have to say about someone or something….interesting how anyone could do that, but as I know, they are and hopefully your viewers will find around the blocks and get back to hitting your blog directly and not through the links that are being blocked….

    I wouldn’t worry about anyone ‘Manning Up’ that should have been done up front and not afterwards…kind of cowardly in my view…but hey, I am not viewing them anymore either so it is a loss for them, not you…

    Keep on blogging what you blog, there are a number of us out here who know the value of ‘opinion’ and we are broadcasting your messages through our feeds…just keep it cooking..

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