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Posted by rexdixon on December 20, 2006

blinkx, I’ve more then likely mentioned them here before, but since my schedule has been rather busy lately, everything that was news today – has already been covered for the day. I was 6blinx.pngpoking around and ran across some information on blinkx. I remember them, either from reading about them on another site, or actually blogging here about them. No, I’m not going to look, as if it’s here, just search for it.

Now one place I did read about them today of course was right here. This new part of the OmNet as I term it, really covers the video angles well. I think that I’m going to have to keep checking in on blinkx. Even though they may never beat YouTube, I think they have an interesting video product. Who is going to beat YouTube? Who is going to make YouTube and others obsolete or so “yesterday“?

Technically Speaking, stay tuned to 2007, I think everyone is in for nice surprise.


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