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Posted by rexdixon on December 19, 2006

SaneBull is a market watch monitor. It is still in beta, and happens to be on the nice clean and clear Web 2.0 path. 5sanebull.gifMy only complaint about the site, and this isn’t much is that there is this “box off to the left corner” – go float over it. So really it is NOT a complaint. It was my first time there (obviously), and the almost complaint was turned into a “Duh! Great IDEA guys!” – for those of you who haven’t surfed there in another tab yet – the little “box” is your login window, register options, etc…

Like I said nice, clean, Web 2.0 design. For those of you who have all sorts of stock tracking going on with possibly 5 or more sites, give this one clean stripped down look site a try. I’m sure Felix and the guys will be much appreciative of the help. It is in “beta”, but as you know, sometimes beta is the best time to get in. You can actually help out a great new company and feel that close “you helped built it” feeling. There is nothing wrong with that, as this is the future of how all of the internet will look and feel. The new generation of web tools and web sites.

Technically Speaking, I give SaneBull thumbs up!


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  1. Artem said

    Thanks for a great write up. We do much appreciate it. If you’ve visited our main site or in the projects tap you may see that Sanebull is not our only project. Check out Once again thank you for a great post.

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